11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (2023)

Carrying around physical copies of important documents is a thing of the past.

More than 80% of the people in the world already use smartphones, carrying documents in a mobile phone is much more convenient.

It saves paper, has no issues with missing documents or carrying piles of paper, and keeps all your documents close at hand in case you need to present them in an emergency.

In healthcare, having all your documents always at hand on your phone can simplify and organize your medical records. Patients can quickly deliver prescriptions to pharmacies, report to medical institutions and track upcoming appointments.

In the following article, we'll look at the best medical record apps currently available for Android and iOS.

Check out the entire list to find the app that best suits your needs.


    • 1. Apple Health
    • 2. MyID - Medical Identification Profile
    • 3. My medical record
    • 4. MTBC PHR
    • 5. My doctor
    • 6. PHR-capsule
    • 7. GenieMD Remote care
    • 8. My card
    • 9. Dr.Pad: the patient's medical card
    • 10. Be healthy - medical records
    • 11. SynappseHealth: Health Records
  • final thoughts
  • Frequently asked questions about the medical records app for smartphones
    • What is the Patient Records iPhone app?
    • Can an iPhone Track Health?
    • Is there a medical records app?

The best medical record apps for Android and iOS

1. Apple Health

Pre-installed on Apple devices

If you've seen one of Apple's presentations from last year, you know how seriously Apple takes user health.

11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (1)

Combined with your Apple Watch, the Health app is all you need to keep track of everything. The watch has all major sensors including cardiogram, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc. FDA approved.

The Medical ID feature gives emergency responders access to critical medical information, meaning you can get the help you need faster in an emergency. You can view a list of allergies, medications, medical conditions, organ donor preferences, and emergency contacts from within the health app. In addition, you can set medication reminders and view active medication in the list.

Unfortunately, there is no equivalent to Apple Health on the Android platform. Google pulled out of Health a while ago and the Fitbit app is a glorious mess. Microsoft also shut down Health Vault at the end of 2019, encouraging users to try the other health record apps below.

2. MyID - Medical Identification Profile

Download de Android-app|Download de iOS-app

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If you own MyID products such as a bracelet, sticker, etc., you must have heard of the MyID Companion App.

11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (2)

The MyID app allows you to store virtually unlimited free medical information, including emergency contacts, allergies, living conditions, medical images, lab results, blood group, organ donor preferences, and more. In addition, the app creates a custom QR code and embeds this information so emergency responders can access your profile and manage appropriate care.

MyID has a premium tier at $1.99 per month, which unlocks several advanced features such as pill reminders, medical document sharing, and sending notifications to emergency contacts.

3. My medical record

Download de Android-app|Download de iOS-app

My Health Records, powered by PrognoCIS™, is one of the most popular medical record applications available today. With the app, you can access all your important medical information and stay in touch with your main healthcare provider through in-app messaging.

11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (3)

Moreover, My Health Records is a great medical record keeping app that gives you instant access to prescription records, lab and radiology results, vaccination reports, allergies, etc.

You can keep track of previously scheduled, required, and upcoming appointments. You can even book an appointment directly from the app and ask your provider to refill your prescription.


Download de Android-app|Download de iOS-app

MTBC PHR is one of the most popular personal health record apps alongside Apple Health.

11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (4)

It is a secure and easy-to-use app that gives you instant access to a wealth of medical history and information. Contains a complete list of your medical history, including medications, allergies and vaccination details.

Like the previous entry, MTBC PHR also allows you to book and cancel appointments on demand. You can also upload and log lab and radiology reports for all tests performed. Finally, you can communicate directly with your healthcare provider through secure in-app direct messages.

5. My doctor

Download de Android-app

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Developed by the popular company Hyrax Inc. My Medical is a comprehensive personal medical record application that is the perfect replacement for unreliable paper records.

11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (5)

This app is for both patients and healthcare professionals. In this app, patients can maintain their entire family's medical records and doctors can keep important notes about their patients.

The My Medical app allows you to track information that is not strictly part of traditional medical records. These include important contact information, insurance, emergency contacts, etc. The app also syncs with your calendar and updates upcoming appointments, lab tests, and prescription expiration dates so you get timely notifications.

Perhaps the best feature is that you can keep your first responder instructions up-to-date, ensuring proper care in an emergency. All data is stored remotely, which means you don't have to worry about data security.

6. PHR-capsule

Download de iOS-app

Capzule PHR is another highly rated iOS health record app that helps you keep track of the health information of your entire family.

11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (6)

In addition to prescription drug data, this app allows you to record important data such as weight, temperature, blood pressure levels, etc. It creates a timeline view based on this data so that you can visualize changes more intuitively.

Besides data collection, Capzule also offers advanced features including custom health check templates, medication reminders, CSV data export and import, health metrics tracking with flowcharts and health self-assessment, etc.

Unlike the MyMedical app that stores your data on your device, Capzule supports data backup to Google Drive and Dropbox. It also supports biometric authentication, which means it works with TouchID and FaceID to keep your data safe.

7. GenieMD Remote care

Download de Android-app|Download de iOS-app

GenieMD is a HIPAA-compliant company that enables healthcare providers to manage care remotely, enabling effective communication between them and their patients.

11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (7)

The platform has really taken off in the pandemic era, allowing you to watch video during lockdowns. In addition to doctor-patient communication, this app also allows users to keep and track all medical information.

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There is a separate section in the app for storing your medical history, medications, blood pressure, glucose readings, etc. You can set pill reminders to be notified when you take your medications and even track missed medications for health benefits.

You can also track all your doctors in the app. In an emergency, the treating physician can quickly track your medical history and notify emergency contacts.

8. My card

Download de Android-app|Download de iOS-app

Developed by Epic Systems Corporation, MyChart is a highly rated Android and iOS medical record app that helps you easily manage your and your family's medical information.

11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (8)

MyChart's user interface is much simpler than some of the others on this list. Seamlessly track your current medical condition, medications and appointments. You can easily view your medical history, vaccination records, test results, etc.

You can link your accounts with other healthcare organizations to collect all your health information in one window. Through the app, you can communicate with your primary care team, schedule and manage appointments, and view and share clinical notes from your doctor.

9. Dr.Pad: the patient's medical card

Download de Android-app|Download de iOS-app

Another HIPAA-compliant app, Dr.Pad, is aimed at physicians and healthcare professionals and allows them to manage patient information in a single app.

11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (9)

You can manage your patients' personal information, their medical history, laboratory reports, clinical notes, visit history, medications, etc. The application allows you to save and access the results and reports of various tests and examinations. All information is stored on cloud servers and is protected from unauthorized access.

Dr.Pad has a paid plan that unlocks some advanced features. You can generate patient medications and clinical notes in PDF format, save medications as a template for reuse, and send medication and visit history to the patient via SMS or email.

10. Be healthy - medical records

Download de iOS-app

The Be Healthy app is a carefully designed health record app perfect for users looking for something simple to manage their health information.

11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (10)

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Be Healthy has a good understanding of the basics of medical record apps. It allows you to store and access all important medical information such as lab tests, certificates, hospital reports, treatments and clinical diagnoses.

You can create a profile for the whole family and get instant access to the medical records of all family members. The app also allows you to create medical events for each member, send notifications for trigger events, and display reminders for medications entered in the app.

Another cool feature of Be Healthy is its health calculator that tracks various stats like BMI, ideal body weight, calorie intake, etc. If you are concerned about your fitness, Be Healthy will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

11. SynappseHealth: Health Records

Download de Android-app

The latest entry on this list is SynappseHealth Health Records, a handy health tracking and recording app with a clean and straightforward user interface.

11 Best Medical Record Apps for Android and iOS (2023) (11)

This app acts more like a healthcare companion and allows you to record medical parameters and diagnoses. It shows your entries on the health timeline to help you keep track of everything. Based on your data, the application will suggest how to take care of your health.

The app also has a large medical library where you can check the meaning of symptoms and get clinical notes to take to your doctor. You can track your medications and upcoming appointments and get suggestions on how often to see your doctor.

final thoughts

Please! With this list of the best medical records apps for Android and iOS, you can always organize your medical records on your phone.

Apple Health is highly recommended if you are an iPhone user, while a few other options are listed that will work exceptionally well to suit your needs.

Be sure to check out the full list to find the best app for your location and what you need.

Frequently asked questions about the medical records app for smartphones

What is the Patient Records iPhone app?

With the Apple Health app preinstalled on your iPhone, you can view all your health information, including medications, vaccinations, lab results, and more, in one place.

Can an iPhone Track Health?

The Health app collects data from multiple sources, including your iPhone, Apple Watch, and other apps you already use, so you can see your fitness progress in one place.

If you have an Apple Watch, Health also automatically records your activity data. You can also upload your data in the app to save your healthcare file online.

Is there a medical records app?

There are many iOS and Android apps available to help you organize your medical records.

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The three main apps currently available are Apple Health, MyID, and My Health Records. These apps can retrieve your medical records anytime, anywhere, track your activities throughout the day, and send you important notifications from time to time.


Is there an app to keep track of medical records? ›

The app allows users to collect and record their medical data, symptoms, exam results, medication, diagnosis, epicrisis, etc.

Is there a free app for personal health records? ›

Healthspek - Free, Easy to Use Personal Health Records (PHR) App, Apple Rating 4.5 Stars.

Is there an app to track family medical history? ›

The free FamGenix app easily guides you in tracking your family health history. FamGenix guides you in adding your family members and tracking important health history data points needed to evaluate your risks for hereditary disease.

What are three other examples of medical apps for iOS and Android devices? ›

Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring Apps
  • Teladoc. Teladoc is a leading telemedicine platform that connects patients to care providers across various disciplines, including General Practitioners, Dermatologists, Psychiatrists, and more. ...
  • ZocDoc. ...
  • Lemonaid. ...
  • BetterHelp.
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