15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (2023)

Are you looking for the best time tracking tool for your law firm?

Finding law firm software that fits your team's needs is never easy. There are many legal time tracking software options out there with different benefits, features, integrations, pricing models, and more.

But don't worry, we've done the work for you.

In this article, we've selected the top fifteen best time tracking tools for lawyers with a detailed breakdown of their benefits and pricing plans.

Let us begin.

Overview of the best time tracking tools for lawyers

15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (1)

There are many legitimate time management software providers on the market. Each has different features, pricing plans, and support options. Let's see the review of the best tools.

1.time analysis

Best suited for small to medium-sized law firms with a wide range of legal services.

15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (2)

main properties

A. Time Tracking

This easy-to-use feature helps lawyers manage their time and increase productivity:

  • Time tracking for various legal services, projects and clients
  • Add or edit time manually
  • Create and edit billable and non-billable activities
  • Add notes to each timer
  • Various workspace view options: daily list or calendar view
  • billing and labor costs
  • Automatic assignment of labor costs to projects
  • Monitoring of the team's legal time off (holidays, daily breaks, etc.)

15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (3)

B. Analysis of legal services and project performance

  • Information about billing efficiency and billable hours by customer and service
  • Consider income based on hourly rate per customer
  • Find out which legal experience is the most lucrative
  • Weekly or monthly email summary reports

C. Check the productivity of the lawyers

  • Timesheets: review, edit, filter and export
  • Reports on billable hours and time usage for each attorney
  • Reporting rate received from lawyers
  • Team effort for every customer or project

15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (4)

D. Create transparent and accurate invoices

  • Review all the services and tasks your team has performed for clients
  • Check the billable hours for each client
  • Export invoice to Excel and make final adjustments

support options

  • In-App-Chat
  • In-App-Tutorials
  • Help article written
  • email support
  • Book 1:1 live demo


Time Analytics uses AWS data centers in Western EU. Services and data are hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) (eu-west-2a) facilities in Europe (UK). The SaaS application is hosted in a Privacy Shield or ISO 27001 certified data center Amazon Web Services ISO 27001 compliant: Amazon Web Services (AWS).

All communication between server and client (browser, mobile and desktop) is encrypted using SSL encryption (HTTPS).

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Time Analytics backs up the data daily and the backup is kept for a week before being deleted.


The time analysis offers two plans:

  • Beginner: $4.99 per user per month (billed annually) or $5.99 (billed monthly)
  • Great: $6.99 per user per month (billed annually) or $8.45 (billed monthly)
  • Free trial period: 14 Takes
  • Credit card request during the test phase:NO

If you have more than 50 subscribed users, Time Analytics offers a special price.

Advantages of time analysis

  • Friendly and easy to use interface
  • Powerful reporting for teams, projects, clients and activities
  • Detailed timesheets

Disadvantages of Time Analysis

  • Although the mobile interface is truly responsive, a mobile app is still being developed.
  • Let's get to the freemium level

2.my hours

Best for viewing time entries and tracking billable hours for attorneys

15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (5)

Myhours is one of the best time tracking and billing software options for lawyers. This time tracking solution for attorneys can help law firms coordinate projects and tasks, track time, and generate reports for clients.

Myhours offers an intuitive interface for completing tasks and times, and provides insightful timesheets.

main properties

  • Coordinate a team, projects and tasks with great timesheets
  • Track hours worked and expenses (by clients, projects and tasks)
  • Carry
  • Monitor the profitability of the project andprofit margins
  • Advanced time reporting and analysis


The free version is available for teams just getting started with time tracking. There are no restrictions on team members or projects.

The paid version starts at $7 per month per user.

Myhours offers a 30-day free trial. No credit card needed.

advantages of my hours

  • Easy to create custom payday reports
  • The team reacts quickly and competently at all times.
  • The screens are organized.

disadvantages of my hours

  • Integration with third-party applications such as Jira or Github is required
  • Missing automatic daily reminders for employees to fill in timesheets
  • The weekly timesheet entry is missing in the mobile app


Ideal for teams of any size, simple office time and billing software

15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (6)

Beebole is a secure time tracking system ideal for lawyers to keep track of their time. Beebole's mobile or desktop app makes it easy to track the weather whether you're online or offline. Beebole can help attorneys and attorneys manage the time they spend on cases and clients, and with its easy-to-use and customizable reporting features, they can gain deep insights into their team's time and improve their efficiency.

Main Features:

  • Detailed insights into your team's time
  • Easy to use time tracking interface to keep track of billable and non-billable hours
  • Customizable reports and settings to meet your exact needs
  • Google plugin and Excel plugin for automated reports
  • 11 languages
  • Customer service during business hours in North America and Europe


  • $6.99 per user per month (billed monthly)
  • 10% discount when billed annually
  • 30 days trial period

    Beebole professionals

    • Fully customizable and customizable to meet the needs of your business
    • Mobile app and desktop can be used without internet connection
    • Detailed reports that can be assigned and sent to users of your choice
    • User-friendly control panel

    Disadvantages of Beebole

    • A small learning curve when setting up Beebole for your team
    • Integration can be difficult
    • The web application could be improved


    Best suited for visual scheduling and time tracking automation.

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    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (7)

    Timely is a trusted time tracking software for law firms that automates time tracking. With Timely, every team member can focus on the important work.

    It is an easy-to-use remote solution with high data protection.

    main properties

    • Time tracking: Automated time tracking
    • Track staff: Monitor staff capacity, hours and overtime
    • Track projects: Plan, collaborate and organize projects efficiently
    • Project and team planning: Plan and schedule all resources in one place
    • Integration with other solutions like Asana, Trello, Jira, Toggl, Zappier, Google Calendar and many others


    • Beginner: $11 per user per month (limited to three teams and tracking 50 projects)
    • Grant: $20 per user, per month (unlimited projects and teams)
    • Unlimited: $28 per user per month (unlimited projects, teams, resources and individual capacity)
    • Unlimited: custom prices
    • Timely offers a 14-day free trial. No credit card needed.

    Benefits of punctuality

    • Simplicity and automation are its best qualities.
    • You can start the app and forget about it.
    • Easy to use with drag and drop interface to add hours

    Disadvantages of on time

    • The AI ​​system does not automatically classify the logged hours after some repetitive tasks
    • Missing 'Autologin' hours matching certain criteria.
    • Does not use Google calendar order when pasting or transferring to Timely


    Best for professional services time tracking.

    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (8)

    AccountSight is billing and time tracking software for professional services firms. It is fully DCAA compliant.

    This online time tracker is easy to use on any device or platform (mobile apps are available for Android and iOS).

    main properties

    • Intuitive and easy to use time tracking
    • Simple and convenient expense tracker
    • Flexible and elegant billing
    • Powerful and insightful reports
    • Fast and professional project estimates.
    • Seamless and efficient integrations
    • Timesheet integration with Quickbooks


    There are four pricing plans:

    • Buch:limited to 1 user, 5 clients and 5 projects
    • Basic:$10 per user per month (2 to 5 users plan)
    • Small group:$9 per user per month (package for 6-20 users)
    • Company:$8 per user per month
    • AccountSight offers a 30-day free trial.

    AccountSight professionals

    • simple interface
    • Comprehensive tools with free option
    • It's easy to monitor all activities without any hassles.

    Disadvantages of AccountSight

    • You cannot create new tasks to assign to projects on the mobile platform
    • Does not allow accounts receivable or invoice credits.
    • Some of the features are difficult to manage.

    6.rescue time

    Ideal for remote and hybrid legal teams.

    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (9)

    RescueTime helps law firms understand more about overall time usage and make smart time management decisions.

    This attorney billing software is one of the best legal time and billing software solutions available. It is used by millions of people and businesses around the world.

    main properties

    • Automatic time tracking: time spent on apps, websites, etc.
    • Time Reports: Details of where time is spent
    • productivity reports
    • Project and Document Time Tracking - Track how much time is spent on each document or application
    • FocusTime distraction blocker
    • Weekly, monthly and yearly reports


    • Luz:Billing tariff - simple automatic time tracking
    • Grant: $12 per user per month
    • RescueTime offers a 14-day free trial.

    See our article on what's includedRescueTime Pricing Plans.

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    Benefits of RescueTime

    • RescueTime can track document titles across all applications
    • Automatic triggers can help you save time from distractions
    • it's simple and direct

    In contrastmake rescue time

    • Category customization can be a bit restrictive
    • The export function doesn't have many options.
    • Missing information in the report


    Ideal for timesheets and profitable projects.

    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (10)

    actiTime is a popular software in law firms. With this cloud-based platform, you can track project scope, tasks, and assignments, and monitor activities and resources for each project.

    With this attorney time and billing software, attorneys can manually track their hours worked or use the included timer. A mobile app is also available.

    main properties

    • Project scope management and work assignment
    • Timekeeping (manual or with timer)
    • Task Workflow Management
    • Insightful reports: project performance, attorney products and results, profit
    • Lots of customization options available
    • Expense and billing reports.
    • Integration with Zapier and Quickbooks


    • The free version comes with limited functionality and is available for 1-3 users
    • 1-40 users - $7 per user per month, billed monthly
    • 41-200 users: $6 per user per month, billed monthly
    • 200+ users - Fixed cost - Personalized pricing
    • actiTime offers a fully functional 30-day trial with unlimited users.

    Benefits of ActiTime

    • Ability to track time on a weekly timesheet
    • Keep all company projects and tasks in one place
    • Complete overview of team member performance

    Disadvantages of actiTime

    • The interface needs improvement
    • Employee reports cannot be set up on their timesheets
    • The pricing plan is not cheap


    Best for freelance lawyers and legal professionals.

    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (11)

    Indy time trackingIt's simple, easy to use and perfect for the self-employed. Time tracking allows you to start and stop time tracking with one click.

    Time registrations can be billed at different rates to account for billable and non-billable hours. You can set variable rates for each customer. When you're ready to send an invoice, your unbilled hours are added to an invoice ready for payment in a few clicks.

    main properties

    • Simple and intuitive user interface
    • Easily start, pause and stop tracking
    • Allocate time slots to projects
    • Each timesheet entry can have its own billing rate
    • Quickly add unbilled hours to invoices


    • Free trial with limited number of invoices
    • $12/month to access time tracking tools, quotes, contracts and invoices

    IndyCar professionals

    • Being able to connect my existing google calendar
    • Easily send contracts to clients and store them in one place
    • Billing is easy to use and helps prevent all types of foreclosures.

    IndyCar cons

    • Can only assign one customer who can pay invoices
    • There is no button to view a specific contract
    • Missing email templates and need for automation to keep things running smoothly

    9.I declare

    Ideal for large law firms.

    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (12)

    Amberlo is not only a legal billing software, but also a comprehensive solution for law firms. In addition to time and expense tracking, this law firm solution offers a variety of management tools and features. Amberlo offers options for onboarding new clients, emailing clients, and billing. You can also automatically record every minute worked.

    main properties

    • Time and cost recording
    • contact management
    • Problemmanagement
    • cooler Calendar
    • statutory billing
    • Email Management
    • Document Management
    • Fiduciary Accounting
    • Notice


    • Grow:€25 per user per month billed annually. 30 € with monthly billing
    • Grant:€35 per user per month billed annually. 40 € with monthly billing.
    • Elite:€55 per user per month billed annually. 70 € with monthly billing.
    • Amberlo offers a 7-day free trial.

    Benefits of Amberlo

    • The appealing design in vibrant colors
    • very intuitive user interface
    • The board is not overdone.

    Cons of Amberlo

    • Need better mobile apps for process on the go
    • Lack of integration with Google Drive or Dropbox
    • More performance statistics are needed every month


    Best for tracking billable time and billing rate.

    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (13)

    TMetric is a simple legal billing and time tracking software that helps businesses grow, increase profits and efficiently manage their workforce. With this time tracking app, you will know which services bring you the most profit and which customers are the most important. TMetric is available on the most popular platforms including macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

    main properties

    • Time recording (tracking with stopwatch, manual time addition)
    • Project management (project definition,billable hourly ratesand budgets, deadline tracking)
    • Billing: accurate billing data
    • Team management (task assignment, productivity measurement, workflow tracking)
    • Flexible reporting system


    • Buch- Basic time tracking and flexible reporting available for up to five users
    • Business: $5 per user per month (includes additional options such as billable fees and money tracking, billing, project budgeting, task management)
    • Specialist:$7 per user per month (includes additional options like screenshot, free time tracking, time tracking permissions, Jira and QuickBooks integration)
    • All pricing plans include a 30-day free trial.

    Benefits of TMetrics

    • Time tracking is incredibly easy
    • Ability to configure Chrome extension that can add time tracking for you with websites
    • The support team is friendly and always ready to help.

    Disadvantages of TMetrics

    • Lack of reporting to see how much time is planned and actually spent on tasks
    • The mobile app has very limited functionality.
    • In-app screenshots are limited to ChromeOS


    Ideal for small and medium-sized law firms and agencies.

    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (14)

    TimeSolv is a comprehensive program that offers solutions to many challenges law firms face. This isn't just billing software for lawyers. It also offers budget management, staff monitoring, accurate and transparent billing, and detailed reporting.

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    The software is integrated with QuickBooks, Xero Accounting, LexCharge, LawPay and Office 365.

    main properties

    • time tracking
    • Invoice
    • Paid
    • Notice
    • Budget
    • Document Management
    • project management
    • cost tracking


    • 1-4 Users – 39.95 USD per Users and Month
    • 5-14 - Users $34.95 per user per month
    • 15+ Accessories – $29.95 USD per Accessories and Month
    • TimeSolv offers a 30-day trial.

    If you are not satisfied with TimeSolv after six months of active use, you can get your money back if you complete the training.

    Prosa para TimeSolv

    • The ability to set abbreviations for frequently used time entries up to 2000 characters
    • Easy printing and sending of invoices
    • Time tracking is very simple.

    Kontraste zu TimeSolv

    • Sometimes it is necessary to move the entries, a new link is required
    • Reports could use more adjustments and features
    • It is difficult to create a flat rate calculation


    Ideal for task management and billable time tracking and accounting

    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (15)

    everything is not just a time tracking app. It's also a robust task management solution that impacts day-to-day productivity. This tool is suitable for legal advisors of smaller law firms as it helps them to work on various internal and client related projects.

    main properties

    • CRM: manage customer contacts
    • Task Management (Checklists, Calendar Sync, Repeating Tasks, Repeat Tasks, Conversation Tracking)
    • Time tracking: Simple and intuitive tracking tools
    • Time Billing - Manage attorney billing fees for projects and provide clients with an accurate invoice


    • FREE ONLY: ideal for freelancers (limited to one user)
    • BUSINESS TIME: $9 per user per month (task time and billing for teams)
    • Todo offers a fully functional 14-day trial for an unlimited number of users.

    The top price is $99 per month, so no matter how many users you add, you'll never pay more than the top price.

    benefits of all

    • Powerful third-party integrations
    • Track everything you or your team do
    • Very fast and free phone app.

    disadvantages of all

    • Checklists seem a bit redundant for task skills
    • The app sometimes crashes for no reason
    • A very limited storage space


    Track billable hours and billing for law firms of all sizes.

    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (16)

    FreshBooks is a comprehensive business management software that includes a time tracking feature.

    main properties

    • Insightful time tracking
    • easy billing
    • Organize expenses with ease
    • Collaborate seamlessly on projects
    • easy to understand reports
    • Easy-to-use double-entry bookkeeping
    • Work from anywhere with the FreshBooks mobile app
    • Integration with: Stripe, Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, Bench and many others


    • Lite: $6 – limited to 5 billable customers
    • Plus: $10 – limited to 50 billable customers
    • Premium: $20 unlimited billable customers
    • Get unlimited access to FreshBooks for 30 days, with no contract and no credit card required.

    Benefits of FreshBooks

    • From manual to automatic transformation workflow
    • Very easy to use interface
    • Time recording can be seamlessly integrated into billing

    Disadvantages of FreshBooks

    • No integrated payroll module.
    • The version of the software application is not always current
    • The platform is not very intuitive.


    Excellent for all aspects of law firm management.

    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (17)

    App4Legal is not just a time tracking software for lawyers, it is a complete law firm management solution.

    main properties

    • administration of legal affairs
    • Fallmanagement
    • time tracking
    • task management
    • dispute management
    • customer management
    • notification system
    • Notice


    • Basic: $24 per user per month
    • Business plan:$37 per user per month
    • Business plan:$49 per user per month
    • App4Legal offers a 30-day free trial.

    The above prices are for monthly payments. With annual payment this lawyertime tracking softwarewith reduced prices.

    Server version is priced at $43 per user per month (billed annually).

    Benefits of App4Legal

    • Access information from anywhere via the mobile application
    • The user interface is simple but very intuitive.
    • Setup is pretty easy.

    Disadvantages of App4Legal

    • Data Flow and Reports
    • Too robust for small and medium-sized businesses
    • The terms in the software do not correspond to any region


    Ideal for automatic time tracking and employee monitoring.

    15 Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers (Feb 2023) (18)

    Apploye is known for its simple user interface. It offers advanced time tracking, productivity mapping, employee monitoring, payroll and invoicing. It has tools for monitoring employees remotely, including a GPS location tracker, geofencing, and the ability to track time at a workstation. It has an intuitive desktop and mobile app.

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    main properties

    • Automatic time tracking, Pomodoro timer, manual time entry,
    • App and URL tracking, screenshots, idle time monitoring,
    • GPS location tracking, geofencing, scheduling, reporting, project billing,
    • customer, invoice, tax, discount, budget, notifications, liquidation,
    • Payroll, Task Management, Timesheet, Activity Tracking,


    • Solo:$4 per person per month
    • Standard:$5 per person per month
    • Grant:$6 per person per month
    • Elite:$7 per person per month
    • It has a trial period of 10 days.

    Benefits of Apploye

    • Perfect for understanding the real costs of implementing a project in a team
    • Easy to use and useful to keep employees productive

    Disadvantages of Apploye

    • Feeling uncomfortable with screenshots
    • Reports have a lot of room for improvement

    Need help choosing the right time tracking software?

    If you have any questions about time tracking features, pricing, or anything else, please let us know.

    If you want to try Time Analytics, we will guide you through the simple and efficient integration process with the full support of our team:

    • In-App Help Article
    • In-App-Chat
    • quick demo video
    • Help set up your team, projects, clients and tasks

    Remember, you can always book a 1:1 demo with our team and we'll show you which benefits and pricing plans best suit your needs.


    What is the best app to keep track of work hours? ›

    Clockify is the most popular free work timer app that lets you and your team track how much time you spend on tasks and activities.

    How do I track my billable hours? ›

    How to Track Billable Hours
    1. Set Your Hourly Rate. ...
    2. Determine an Invoicing Schedule. ...
    3. Create a Time Log. ...
    4. Track Your Billable Hours by Project. ...
    5. Calculate Your Total Billable Hours. ...
    6. Create a Detailed Invoice.
    Jan 6, 2023

    What kind of software do lawyers use? ›

    Lawyers use a variety of tools and technology in their daily practice. These include legal research databases, legal practice management software, document management software, e-discovery software, court filing systems, and virtual meeting platforms, as well as laptops and mobile devices.

    Which tracking software is the best? ›

    • 2 . ProofHub. ProofHub is an online project management and time tracking software with powerful collaboration features. ...
    • 3 . Hours TimeLord. ...
    • 4 . TimeCamp. ...
    • 5 . Time Doctor. ...
    • 6 . Toggl. ...
    • 7 . Hubstaff. ...
    • 8 . Tick. ...
    • 9 . RescueTime.

    What is the easiest way to track time? ›

    Paper Timesheets

    The paper method is the simplest way to track time. All you need to do is, write down your tasks, the business function and how much time you spend completing them. You can monitor time in 15-minute or 30-minute intervals.

    Is there a free app to track my time? ›

    Clockify is a time tracker and timesheet app that lets you track work hours across projects. Unlimited users, free forever. Start tracking time — It's Free!

    Is there a free timesheet app? ›

    Clockify is the completely free timesheet app for teams. Homebase is the timesheet application with features like time clock and team communication. ClickTime is the employee timesheet app for individuals and teams. ZoomShift is the best online timesheet app for hourly employees.

    How do attorneys track time? ›

    The stopwatch is a tried and true means to track time. Most modern legal software systems provide this time-tracking feature. For example, if a lawyer opens a case file, there's usually a digital stopwatch they can click to begin tracking the time spent on a task.

    How do I keep track of billable hours in Excel? ›

    You can use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your billable hours: Just list the start time in one column, the end time in a second column and then subtract the first from the second.

    Is there an app to track billable hours? ›

    My Hours is a free work time tracker app for billable time and project cost tracking for individuals and small teams. Besides keeping a precise record of hours spent on tasks, you may attach receipts and other documents to specific time entries and, thus, keep essential work-related information in one place.

    What database do lawyers use? ›

    LexisNexis and Westlaw

    They also include a wealth of other state and federal case material from the mid-twentieth century to the present.

    Why do law firms use iManage? ›

    Law firms run on knowledge. The iManage knowledge work platform empowers law firms to work intelligently and securely, unlocking productivity and expertise to drive better results for you and your clients.

    What is legal software called? ›

    Legal software – sometimes called “e-discovery” or “electronic discovery” – is used by attorneys and other legal professionals to collect, store, and review digital documents during a lawsuit or investigation.

    What are the four types of tracking? ›

    Read on to learn more about the different types of tracking technology that exist in the current environment.
    • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) ...
    • Radio Tracking. ...
    • Near-Field Communication (NFC) ...
    • Geofencing. ...
    • Internet Tracking. ...
    • Cellphone Triangulation. ...
    • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) & Satellite Tracking.
    Mar 3, 2022

    How do I track time in Excel? ›

    There are two easy ways to see your time in Excel, one is to automatically export your calendar data to excel using TimeNavi. The other is to use a pre-made tracking spreadsheet and manually add your time spent working.

    Does QuickBooks have time tracking? ›

    Yes. QuickBooks Time integrates with more than 50 accounting and payroll apps. How does time tracking software work? QuickBooks Time allows you to pull employee data for payroll and invoicing, keep track of employee tasks and schedules, and automatically remind employees to clock in or out.

    Is there an app to keep track of how many times you do something? ›

    TALLY is a simple tool to help you track absolutely anything. Whether you're trying to track how many times you ate vegetables this week, how many cups of coffee you drank, or whether or not you took your vitamins today, TALLY can help you get where you want to go.

    How do you track time spent on clients? ›

    Track time spent on client work using the timer. Make manual time entries in a timesheet template when you forget to track time. Give a project manager expense tracking features to set and track budgets. Generate client invoices automatically from the tracked time data and expenses.

    What software keeps track of billing accounts? ›

    Historically, a spreadsheet is an accounting ledger page that shows various quantitative information useful for managing a business.

    Is Clockify easy to use? ›

    It is very easy to use, integrates well into Google Chrome and makes time tracking a breeze. There is not much to dislike about Clockify. It's doing a great job of time tracking, allowing you to create PDF reports and more.

    How do you track time on Microsoft? ›

    How to track time in Microsoft Teams
    1. Create account. Sign up for free.
    2. Set up projects/tasks. ...
    3. Invite employees inside Clockify. ...
    4. Add Clockify to Microsoft Teams. ...
    5. Employees fill their timesheets. ...
    6. Download Windows app. ...
    7. Check hours in reports. ...
    8. Share reports with clients.

    How safe is Clockify? ›

    Completely safe. Your Clockify data is hosted on Amazon Web Services, so it's as secure as it can get. Our servers are protected both physically and electronically. Any connection between you and Clockify is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

    What is the easiest online TimeSheet? ›

    Journyx is the best solution for online timesheets. It's dedicated to time and expenses management. It allows you to monitor the time worked and time off, track time, resource usage across the project and non-project activities, and review schedules.

    Is QuickBooks Time app free? ›

    QuickBooks Time access is included with your QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite subscription at no additional cost.

    How do I make my own TimeSheet? ›

    This timesheet includes space for employees to write down the following for each week.
    1. The date.
    2. The job or shift.
    3. The times they clock in (before and after lunch)
    4. The times they clock out (before and after lunch)
    5. Their total number of hours.
    6. They total number of overtime hours.
    7. Their total number of sick hours.

    What is passive time tracking software for lawyers? ›

    Passive time tracking is a relatively new concept in lawyer time tracking software, and one that can save lawyers a ton of headaches when it comes to time entry. Services like WiseTime, Chrometa, and MagicTime work in the background to keep a record of your daily work.

    How many billable hours do lawyers work? ›

    Those with over five years post qualification experience (PQE) chalked up an average billable rate of 1,380, while associates with between three and five PQE posted 1,410 hours. Lawyers with one to two years of PQE under their belts billed 1,396 hours, according to the research.

    What is the difference between billable hours and actual hours? ›

    Outlook on Billable and Non-billable Hours

    Billable hours include those tasks where an attorney is working on an actual matter for a client. Non-billable hours include tasks that must be done but aren't directly attached to a matter, such as administrative tasks.

    How do I create a real time tracker in Excel? ›

    If you're already on the latest update, then here's how you can try out the new linked data feature in just three easy steps:
    1. 1) Create a new table in Excel. ...
    2. 2) Assign a linked online data type in Excel. ...
    3. 3) Add a new column to get real-time online data.
    Oct 16, 2018

    Is there a timesheet template in Excel? ›

    Yes, Excel has so many timesheet templates that we can discuss here. Timesheets in Excel automatically calculate total hours, regular hours, and overtime hours.

    How do I create a daily timesheet in Excel? ›

    How to Create a Timesheet in Microsoft Excel
    1. Download an Excel Timesheet Template.
    2. Prepare the Timesheet Template.
    3. Enter Identifying Information.
    4. Enter the Rates of Pay.
    5. Enter the Employee's Hours Worked.
    6. Calculate and Enter the Type of Hours Worked.
    7. Verify Your Information and Save Your Timesheet.
    Nov 23, 2022

    Is Clockify really free? ›

    Yes, it really is! Clockify is the only time tracker that's free for teams of all sizes. You and your team can use Clockify without ever paying a cent, even if you have hundreds of users! Use it as much as you want, for as long as you want, and we won't charge a cent.

    Does Google have a time tracker? ›

    Using Google Workspace with TrackingTime allows you to track time while using all Google apps, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Tasks. Get automatic timesheets and enjoy TrackingTime's in-depth analytics.

    How much of my time should be billable? ›

    Ideally, your utilization rate should lie between 60 and 80%. That means that up to 80% of your time should account for billable work (for many, this can be a pretty tough target to meet).

    Is LexisNexis hard to use? ›

    Many of the advanced features LexisNexis offers take some time to get up-to-speed. However, simple case law research and statute review is relatively easy for most lawyers.

    Why do lawyers use LexisNexis? ›

    Compared to other case law research sites (whether they're free or paid), LexisNexis simply boasts more federal case law, state case law, and state trial court orders, making it the premier case law tool for ensuring you have the most up-to-date primary sources of law at your fingertips.

    Do lawyers use spreadsheets? ›

    Lawyers use Excel to crunch financial data, track billable hours, and assign and manage cases—among a host of other tasks.

    What are the five management styles used in most law firms? ›

    The five management styles used in most law firms are autocratic, democratic, managing partner, committee, and combination (p. 5).

    Is iManage easy to use? ›

    iManage Software Reviews – User Feedback

    “The best part of this suite is that it is easy to use and has powerful tools to manage your document. Multiple users can access the same file at the same time.

    What are the five legal systems? ›

    There are five basic types of legal systems in the world. They are civil law, common law, customary law, religious law, and hybrid or mixed systems.

    Which legal database is best? ›

    Top 6 Legal Research Software
    • Westlaw.
    • Lexis.
    • Casetext.
    • Practical Law.
    • Law Insider Contract and Clause Search Database.
    • Lexis Practice Advisor®
    Dec 13, 2022

    What are the three types of legal systems? ›

    Types of Legal Systems

    Legal systems do fall into groups or patterns with some similar features within each group. Among the main groups that you might encounter are: 1) common law; 2) civil law; 3) religious law; and 4) customary law.

    Does QuickBooks have time keeping? ›

    Yes. QuickBooks Time integrates with more than 50 accounting and payroll apps. How does time tracking software work? QuickBooks Time allows you to pull employee data for payroll and invoicing, keep track of employee tasks and schedules, and automatically remind employees to clock in or out.

    What is better than TSheets? ›

    The Eight Best TSheets Alternatives
    • Time Doctor. Time Doctor is an all-in-one time tracking and productivity monitoring software. ...
    • Toggl. Toggl is an excellent TSheets alternative for users who prefer simple time trackers. ...
    • Hours. ...
    • Everhour. ...
    • Hubstaff. ...
    • Harvest. ...
    • Clockify. ...
    • BeeBole Timesheet.
    Oct 30, 2019

    What is good time keeping? ›

    Being 'on time' or 'punctual' means being able to arrive, complete tasks and meet obligations at or by a designated time. For example, meeting a friend at an agreed time or completing work to an agreed deadline are both examples of good timekeeping and punctuality. It is very important to be punctual.

    What is the most important time management tool? ›

    Use a Time Planner and Create a Master List. The first time management tool that you need is a time planner that contains everything you need to plan and organize your life. The best time planners, whether looseleaf binders or electronic versions, enable you to plan for the year, the month, the week, and for each day.

    When should you stop using QuickBooks? ›

    Here are the top nine telltale signs it's time to take the leap off of QuickBooks.
    1. You have difficulty managing and consolidating data from multiple entities. ...
    2. You need a more well-documented audit trail. ...
    3. You are about to reach the maximum number of users. ...
    4. You do not have a built-in CRM system.
    Jul 21, 2020

    Can you track billable hours in QuickBooks? ›

    You can enter billable time through the Time tab: Go to Payroll, select Time, then select Time entries. Select Add Time, and choose the user that you're adding time for.

    Does QuickBooks expire? ›

    What does service discontinuation mean? Your access to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Services, Live Support, Online Backup, Online Banking, and other services through QuickBooks Desktop 2020 software will be discontinued after May 31, 2023. This also means you won't receive critical security updates starting June 1, 2023.

    What is TSheets called now? ›

    TSheets is a cloud-based employee time tracking solution that automates employee scheduling, invoicing, and job costing. The software is now called Quickbooks Time after Matt Rissel, the former owner of TSheets, sold the tool to Intuit Inc.

    What happened to TSheets? ›

    Introducing QuickBooks Time: It's TSheets … with a new name

    After three years of being a part of the QuickBooks® family, TSheets is now QuickBooks Time, and even though the time-tracking service has a new name, there will be no changes to features or functionality.

    How expensive is TSheets? ›

    TSheets' pricing

    Elite costs $10/month per user (along with a $40 base fee per month) and Premium is $8/month per user (plus a $20 base fee per month).

    What are the 4 P's of time management? ›

    As marketing strategies are guided by the four Ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion; time management answers to four 'W's: What, When, How and Who. As professionals, we have a range of responsibilities.

    How can I improve my timekeeping skills? ›

    How to Improve Your Time Keeping Skills
    1. Go back to the beginning. Start from scratch and keep a record of your weekly activities and how long each is taking to complete. ...
    2. Plan your day. ...
    3. Schedule time for yourself. ...
    4. Make lists. ...
    5. Plan to be interrupted. ...
    6. Avoid Facebook. ...
    7. Move deadlines forward. ...
    8. Tidy your desk.


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