After the divorce, the woman starts a new life running a small house and finds happiness. (2023)

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Ending a long-term relationship can be a life-changing experience. It has the potential to completely change your world, but the outcome largely depends on how you choose to accept it: as an opportunity to grow or to sink into despair.

Jen Gressett was living the American dream. She was married with two children and lived in a spacious 3,000-square-foot home near Boulder, Colorado.

Then he found himself at the center of this transformative journey. After their 18-year marriage ended, Jen struggled to move on and find a new place to call her own.

However, he soon realized that the homes for sale in his area were beyond his budget. Faced with this challenge, she turned to social media and discovered a growing trend: the appeal of the tiny home lifestyle.

Now the 51-year-old designer calls the charming 50 square meter house with a modern country house interior. He shares inspiring insights and small home style tips with his amazing community of 160,000 Instagram followers.

I never thought I live in the so-calledsmall housebut now I can't imagine my life without him," Jen said.

Jen started her adventure with the tiny house lifestyle four years ago. It all started when he bought a frame for a small house from a local builder for over $45,000. He also paid an additional $3,000 for a floor plan for the builder to use.

However, the original builder had to live up to expectations. Despite receiving an unrealistic price proposal, they were unable to complete the tiny house within the promised six to eight months.

Undeterred, the following year Jen decided to entrust her project to another builder, MitchCraft Tiny Homes. Although his auction was slightly over his budget, he took comfort in his reputation for reliability and knowledge.

Unfortunately, the then prevailing pandemic created a wave of challenges. Supply chain disruptions and skyrocketing material costs have led to further delays in the construction process. The tiny house's frame also required extensive exterior repairs before completing the interior.

Despite these obstacles, Jen persevered and the following year she finally moved into her cottage and started her lifestyle at home.

The total cost of the tiny house was about $175,000. This figure included not only the prefabricated frame structure, but also labor and material costs, almost doubling the original budget.

Jen used the $85,000 she received from the sale of her last home after separating from her ex-husband to pay him. In addition, he borrowed $90,000 from a friend.

Currently, Jen's tiny house sits on a piece of land for which Jen pays a monthly fee of $725. This all-inclusive price includes services such as parking, internet access, water and electricity.

Jen's little house has all the things she loves. Her kitchen is her favorite of the different corners of her house, and she sometimes refers to her house as "the little kitchen on wheels".

Jen's decision to adopt the tiny home lifestyle was primarily motivated by her desire to create her dream kitchen on a smaller scale. Despite its small size, Jen's kitchen offers impressive storage options that often amaze guests.

Originally, Jen planned to incorporate butcher block countertops into her design. After careful consideration, however, he chose the elegance and craftsmanship of quartz. This choice was in line with the aesthetic he envisioned for his kitchen.

Striking on the tabletop is the built-in round table, which serves as a multifunctional space where Jen eats and works. As a full-time remote worker, it was paramount to Jen to have a separate place to store the essentials - a printer and a computer.

The architect suggested incorporating open shelves to create atmosphere and saturationcottagetheme in your kitchen. This not only added to the charm, but also allowed Jen to showcase her glass collection.

Under the bookcase is a fireproof sink and an insulated propane stove in front.

One aspect Jen really appreciates about her kitchen is the abundance of natural light that fills the space. Numerous windows adorn the walls, allowing sunlight to enter the house all day long.

As a result, Jen rarely has to rely on artificial lighting until the sun goes down, creating an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility.

Jens tiny house has solar powered roof windows that are easy to open and close with the handy remote control.

She said the storage space on the stairs leading to her bedroom is the most functional pantry she's ever seen, thanks to the pull-out shelves that allow you to go downstairs. There's plenty of room underneath to store all your shoes.

According to Jen, the bathroom is the centerpiece of her home; she calls it a small spa, which allows her to enjoy the small house lifestyle more.

She said bathing in a bathtub was a must for her, so she started looking for a small bathtub, but it was very expensive.

However, you've found a bath that suits your aesthetic, perfect for a country-themed home.

In addition, the bathtub can retain heat; You'll sweat, which is perfect after a long day on the trail.

He also has his washer/dryer in the bathroom across from the storage room where he stores his clothes, which is very efficient as he can store clothes right out of the dryer.

Jen also uses a waterless composting toilet, which makes it easier to find a parking space because she doesn't need a cesspool or sewer.

Jen's main loft has a king size bed because her daughter sleeps in it when guests come over.

And if he's in a relationship and has to live together in your house, would a king size bed be ideal?

In the loft you will also find enough space for trucker hats that you wear on the trail.

He also has a skylight in the attic, above the bed, which allows him to see the stars at night.

"It's all magical until the sun shines brightly in Colorado at 5 a.m.," he said.

So she has some eye masks she puts on to solve this morning's problem.

Meanwhile, it's funny how king size pillowcases fit over attic windows, so by using pull rods and curtain rings you can have makeshift curtains to match your bedroom.

Jen enjoys her cottage in her luxurious living room.

It has an electric fireplace that is elegant, placed under a 50 inch TV that rotates so you can watch whatever you want even when you are in the kitchen.

There is also a sofa with a footstool and a hanging chair where you can sit while enjoying a coffee or glass of wine.

The modern farmhouse also inspires the exterior of a small house. It has 18 windows, including French doors.

It measures 34 by 3 meters with two retractable lofts, making it 36, and is supported by a triple axle.

It also has plenty of external storage on both ends of the trailer for propane tanks and other outdoor gear.

"You can live on an income, no matter how high that income is," Jen said, adding that she could put her foot down on the things that matter and not have to be in a relationship to pay for it.

Living in a tiny house doesn't mean you're cramped for some crazy little thing.

“Life is not in your house; your life goes to different places; your life is about experiencing new things and people and seeing things. You can't do that if you have a mortgage. If it works for you, you will be happier and live your best life as if you only had one chance.

If you want to follow Jen's tiny house lifestyle, keep following herInstagram. You can also take a virtual walk through your hometown, watch the video below:

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