Best Swiss ISPs [2023 Guide] - Study in Switzerland (2023)

Today, access to good internet has become a necessity of life. But it can be difficult to choose the best internet provider in Switzerland when you've just moved. Fortunately, practically all internet service providers in Switzerland offer good and stable connections. They are constantly working to increase capacity and data transfer speeds.

But which provider has the most attractive offers and the cheapest subscriptions? Read on to make sure you have a subscription that fits your needs.

The best internet providers in Switzerland

Sunrise, Swisscom and Salt are the most popular in Switzerlandpopular cable and DSL providers. Swisscom is the market leader in mobile communications and controls a significant proportion of Swiss telephone connections. In a direct internet comparison of the most prominent Swiss providers, Sunrise and Swisscom were the top performers, with Salt in third place. But smaller companies like UPC, Wingo or Yallo are also offering attractive and affordable prices.

However, all providers have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's dig deeper into ISPs and their pros and cons to help you make your final decision.


Best Swiss ISPs [2023 Guide] - Study in Switzerland (1)early morning communicationis the second largest telecommunications company in Switzerland and a provider of television, internet and mobile phone subscriptions. It has a market share of 25% (as of 2020) and is the second fastest internet provider behind Swisscom in terms of mobile coverage. Sunrise stands out as one of the few Swiss mobile operators with its own network (Yallo).

They areOutstanding Network Award, unrivaled 5G reliability and the best internet in Switzerland. However, like all ISPs, Sunrise has its pitfalls. Read more about Sunrise pros and cons.


Sunrise offers 10 Gbit/s forCHF 29,50. This offer already includes a symmetrical connection as standard (i.e. the upload and download speeds are the same). These 50, 200 or 1000 MBit internet subscriptions are available online and at Sunrise you can activate your subscription for free which is a perfect deal for beginners.


One of the disadvantages of Sunrise is canceling your subscription. You can only cancel your mobile phone subscription after the minimum contract period has expired. That's at least 12 months, but usually 24 months. If you cancel before this minimum period expires, you will have to pay the basic fees for the remaining two months plus a fee of CHF 100. In this case, we recommend that you respect the minimum subscription.

Since the hardware is also borrowed only, you must return it to Sunrise when the lease expires. This includes modems, routers, as well as Internet and TV set-top boxes. Otherwise, a cancellation fee will be charged.back to dawnup to 60 days after the end of the contract. It can be CHF 100 for WiFi routers and TV set top boxes and CHF 250 for Sunrise Internet Box 5G. If you don't like paying the extra money, beware of these restrictions.


Best Swiss ISPs [2023 Guide] - Study in Switzerland (2)Yallois a sub-brand of Sunrise and therefore one of the few ISPs with its own network. Smaller providers, in this case Yallo, often rely on the established networks of one large provider (Sunrise). However, the offerings on Yallo differ in terms of pricing and contracts from those on Sunrise.


One of the main advantages of Yallo is the prices. A monthly subscription is available forCHF 29No minimum contract period. This means you don't have to wait for the minimum contract period to expire to cancel your subscription.

Yallo also offers subscriptions toCHF58 a CHF128per month with unlimited calls and SMS in Switzerland. Depending on how much internet you need, you can decide which subscription offer best suits your needs.


As this is a smaller provider, internet coverage can be a bit spotty. However, Internet coverage is highly dependent on the area in which you live. Therefore, before subscribing to any of the packages, check if Yallo offers internet coverage in your area.


Best Swiss ISPs [2023 Guide] - Study in Switzerland (3)UPCis a telecommunications company owned by Liberty Global that provides cable television, broadband Internet and landline telephony in Switzerland. With more than 2 million users, UPC is Switzerland's largest cable network operator.


UPC operates the Sunrise network, which covers more than 96% of Switzerland and reaches 99.9% of the Swiss population. The 4G+ network has an 85 percent coverage rate. With an online booking you save CHF 99.- on activation fees.


One of the main disadvantages of UPC is that customers currently do not have access to the 5G network. UPC only offers certain roaming packages and all UPC internet subscriptions have a minimum contract period of 24 months. With a shorter contract period of at least 12 months, you pay an additional CHF 10 per month.


Salis one of the top 3 telecom companies in Switzerland with its own mobile network and a market share of 16%. On the other hand, Salt's 5G network is still in its infancy. Few places offer this service. Unlike Swisscom and Sunrise, Salt did not immediately start building a 5G network and has yet to achieve it.


One of the key benefits that sets Salt apart is rewarding loyal customers by offering a discount on a new phone when a subscription renews. Salt offers a new phone for a price ofCHF 10,00per month, when the contract is extended, if the old cell phone gives up or you simply want to buy a new one. The duration of the contract is usually around 24 months.


Like many larger providers, Salt has a minimum contract term of 12-24 months. Consequently, you will have to wait for the contract to expire to cancel your subscription.

As the Salt Fiber Box and its accessories remain the property of Salt during the contract period, they must be returned at the end. Salt expects all equipment to be returned intact, including original packaging, within 30 days of contract termination. Salt charges a fee of CHF 199 if you don't want this or if your device is damaged.


Best Swiss ISPs [2023 Guide] - Study in Switzerland (4)Wingoit's a cell service. It is a sub-brand of Swisscom AG, Switzerland's largest mobile network operator. As part of Swisscom, Wingo benefits from nationwide network coverage.


Wingo offers Internet subscriptions with a fixed connection for home use and combination Internet, TV and landline subscriptions. Wingo subscription has no minimum contract period and costsCHF 63a month. In addition to Wingo's multiple mobile subscriptions with data allowance and roaming options, they offer a number of other services.

With Wingo, your Internet subscription includes a free landline connection (Wingo Fix). With WingoFix you can make calls at Swiss rates. Wingo can take over your existing phone number for free. The cell phone is connected to the internet box and my Wingo activates the fixed connection.


You will be charged for the first 10 minutes of your customer service callCHF 1,50per minute. The rest of the call is free. As a result, the price is max.CHF 15by phone Willow undergoes changes and is continually updated. Therefore, the numerous price increases on data packages can be a big disadvantage. With the many Willow updates, data roaming in the EU and Western Europe will be 7% more expensive. Data roaming in other countries will be up to 14% more expensive.


Swisscomis a leader in the mobile communications market and controls a significant proportion of Swiss telephone lines. Swisscom offers landline and mobile phone rates, as well as Internet TV. The company, headquartered in Worblaufen, Switzerland, was founded in 1852.


When it comes to mobile internet, Swisscom comes first. An internet subscription of 50, 200 or 1000 Mbit is available for which SwisscomCHF 59rate created.

The three Swisscom web hosting packages are S, M and L. The only differences between the three packages are the storage space and the number of email accounts and databases. So, depending on your needs, you can choose which package you prefer.

Swisscom's web hosting service includes several standard services, including:

  • 10 GB of unlimited SSD storage space
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • daily backups
  • 99.9% server uptime
  • Preventing anti-DDoS attacks
  • cPanel.


Swisscom offers 50 megabits for CHF 59, but if you want a symmetrical connection, it's only available at an additional cost. Currently, one Gbit per second costs CHF 90 plus the Swisscom activation fee. We also talked about the variety of packages available from Swiss; However, none of these options offer free subscriptions. So keep that in mind when calculating your grand total.

What to pay attention to when choosing a Swiss Internet provider

Best Swiss ISPs [2023 Guide] - Study in Switzerland (5)Due to the mountainous nature of much of Switzerland, connectivity between locations varies significantly. If you plan on spending a lot of time in these alpine locations, check connectivity ahead of time to avoid running out of service.

In general, Swiss mobile subscriptions include a predefined quota of calling minutes, SMS and mobile data consumption in mobile phone contracts. Pricing determines the service you receive. You can usually save money by bundling your cellular plan with your home phone, Internet, and TV service. Mobile phone contracts in Switzerland generally have a term of 12 to 24 months. Some services also offer no minimum term warranties. If you're not sure how long you'll be staying in Switzerland, they might be helpful, but remember that they don't always have the best reviews.

connection types

In Switzerland, high-speed Internet access is available through various Internet connections, including fiber optics, DSL, cable and Wi-Fi. While fiber and cable connections can be high-speed connections, they are more expensive. Another possibility is the mobile Internet. It is an intriguing and widely used alternative to cable internet. With the well-developed 4G network in Switzerland and the growing acceptance of 5G, faster browsing speeds will be available in the future.

On the other hand, DSL and satellite services are widespread; However, they cannot match the speed and quality of fiber and cable connections. Therefore, all options have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's dig deeper into ISPs and their pros and cons to help you make your final decision.


A speed score is used to determine Swiss internet speeds. It includes a measure of each provider's upload and download speeds. Respectivelythe fastest award, Swisscom has one of the fastest download speeds102.53, followed by Dawn with88,83. Also, Swisscom leads with 23.76 in upload speed and Sunrise with 20.95 in second place.

special offers

While all companies have different special offers, one of the best ways to get the best price and service is throughAlao. It is a platform where you identify and request your ideal plan in less than 5 minutes. you can saveCHF 1200with exclusive offers. It has partnerships with many of the companies already mentioned. So if you're interested in finding an easy and affordable way to get the perfect package, Alao's special offers are here for you.


So what is the best cheapest internet? Each ISP's rates vary depending on the service you choose. However, you must keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best. So how much you are willing to pay for internet service mainly depends on your preferences.

Of course, everyone wants a good deal at a reasonable price, but sometimes spending a little more money on a good deal can result in fewer Internet problems. At the end of the day, the goal is to have the fastest internet service.

the end result

If you've come this far and feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities, you're not alone. Choosing the best Internet service for your needs can be difficult. Fortunately for you, all ISPs in Switzerland have received positive reviews. They are constantly evolving thanks to developments in internet connectivity such as fiber, DSL, cable, wireless and 5G. Therefore, we hope that you will find the best option for you among the options that we offer.

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