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How do I find a lawyer?

The first question that often comes up when someone is faced with legal problems is how to find a lawyer. Unless you have a personal connection to a lawyer or a recommendation from a family member or close friend, finding the right lawyer can be a challenging and stressful experience.

A common method many people use to find a lawyer is to do a quick search online. The problem with this method is that it is time consuming and does not always provide accurate results.

For example, now if you type the phrase "get a lawyer" into a search engine, you'll likely get generic results that will direct you to a site with another database you need to review. Or it will show you a list of advertisements for companies that provide lawyer recruitment services.

While this may be of little help, you will never find the right lawyer if you don't know the right search parameters to enter to arrive at the type of lawyer who can handle your case. For example, if you are facing a criminal complaint then of course you will need to hire a criminal defense lawyer as they are specifically dedicated to criminal law.

Now, what if your issue involves someone infringing on your intellectual property rights? Hire a business lawyer? company attorney? Tech lawyer? Or maybe even a personal injury or damages attorney? Notice how finding a lawyer becomes much more difficult if you don't know exactly which lawyer you need.

Also, the type of lawyer is just one of several filters you need to know before you start looking. You can find a lawyer who is in the right industry but who focuses on the transactional side of cases and does not represent people in court.

Finally, you'll also need to find an attorney licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction (usually an attorney who practices in your area) and, as a bonus, someone you trust to do a good job.

It started

As discussed above, a person needs to find a lawyer who practices not only in their field, but also in the industry and legal roles required for their specific case. Once the search parameters have been established, the search for a lawyer for the case can begin.

Depending on the circumstances, some legal issues can drag on for years. A person should find a lawyer they are comfortable working with for the long term, who seem capable and who they trust to work towards a successful resolution. Therefore, the best place to start looking for a lawyer is by developing a personal network of close friends, family, and trusted professional contacts.

While not mandatory, some people look for lawyers based on their law school degree and their professional accomplishments. For example, if a company is being sued for millions of dollars, you might want to hire an attorney who not only has experience in the legal field your case requires, but also has a proven track record of success in similar cases. types of cases.

In addition to asking for personal connections or relying on word of mouth, there are other common ways people look for a lawyer:

  • Reading news articles that mention company names;
  • flipping through the yellow pages of a phone book;
  • List the number of a law firm or lawyer on public transportation advertisements, television advertisements or billboards;
  • Conducting an online survey;
  • by calling or visiting your local bar association website;
  • CommonLawyer referral service; EU
  • Requests from legal aid services or non-profit organizations that provide free legal contact information.

Also, with the digital age, there are new ways to hire a lawyer online that involve more than a quick web search. For example, many lawyers have built a strong online presence on social media. Lawyers now have accounts on social media platforms ranging from LinkedIn to Twitter. This can be helpful to get an idea of ​​their personality before you officially hire them.

Additionally, as the pandemic has made it more difficult to meet people in person, many attorneys are turning to video technologies like FaceTime, Zoom and Skype to conduct advisory calls and meet with their clients online.

A final method a person can use to search for a lawyer online is to register for free and follow the steps to find the right part.

Initial phone calls and inquiries

The first step in counseling is usually to call or email a law firm to schedule a counseling session. Almost all attorneys offer a free initialAdvice.

The free consultation is beneficial for both the lawyer and his potential client. It gives the potential client the opportunity to decide whether or not to hire that particular attorney and it gives the attorney a better perspective on the case so that he can let the client know if he is not the right fit.

For example, the attorney may practice corporate law, but may only handle the litigation aspect of cases, as opposed to business and transactional matters.

While most consultations are usually conducted over the phone, a person looking to hire an attorney should have a few things on hand to prepare for the meeting. Depending on the situation, a prospective client should be prepared to provide the name of the court, type of hearing, court date, hearing notice document, and any other documentation related to the case. They should also be able to briefly summarize their situation.

Although discussed in more detail in the next section, clients should also prepare a list of questions about the attorney's services, his background in similar cases, etc.

What questions should you ask a lawyer?

A person preparing to take legal action should know a few things before starting the process. Below is a list of important questions to ask an attorney so you won't be surprised by the answers once the case begins. These include:

  • How does the lawyer calculate his legal advice? (eg flat rates, contingency rates, hourly rates, etc.).
  • Are there other costs besides attorney fees? If yes, what are they?
  • What is your strategy in the case? What are the pros and cons of this case strategy?
  • How long does a case like this usually last?
  • Are there other alternatives besides going to court?
  • What kind of experience do they have in dealing with similar issues?
  • How often does the attorney provide information about the case?
  • Is there any information or documents that the client can provide to support the case?
  • Who will work on the case and how much will it cost? (e.g. specialists, paralegals, other lawyers, etc.).
  • What are the possible outcomes of the lawsuit or trial?

How can I find a lawyer near me?

If you are unsure about your search parameters and need to hire a lawyer right away,legal partbe able to help

LegalMatch is proprietary commercial software that connects users with local attorneys in their area. Basically,how it worksIt consists of the user registering for free and presenting their case in a submission form. Questions are asked on the site, e.g. B. what kind of legal problem it is and where a lawyer is needed. Users can select their answers from a preloaded dropdown menu provided by LegalMatch.

Immediately after submitting your case details, attorneys practicing in the related legal industry and selected geographic location will receive an email notification. Notified attorneys have 24 hours to review your case information and decide whether they can accept your case. Interested parties will contact you directly with a personal message containing your attorney's profile (eg, fee structure, career, qualifications, etc.).

Users can then read the reviews and view each lawyer's background to determine which lawyer or lawyers seem to be the best fit. Once you've chosen a lawyer, it's up to you to respond to his email. From there, you can schedule your free initial consultation so they can start resolving your legal issue right away.

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