How to get the Singapore Entrepreneur Pass: EntrePass in 2022 (2023)

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Wat is EntrePass in Singapore?


EntrePass applicants must also meet the following criteria:

Business plan and renewal criteria

EntrePass Renewal Criteria

moving privileges

Working method and planning

Documents required for the application

Collect your Singapore EntrePass card

Singapore entry visa

What happens if the EntrePass application is rejected?

Eligibility for Permanent Residence in Singapore

How Horizons can help

This article is for the Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (akaEntrePass) – a visa for both techno-entrepreneurs and companies that do intensive research and development. You will learn many elements of EntrePass, including eligibility requirements and approval criteria, application process, and timeline.

Wat is EntrePass in Singapore?

Only EntrePass for SingaporeVisaIt has been created for entrepreneurs who want to set up a limited liability company in Singapore. EntrePass is designed to address bothtechnoprzedsiębiorcyand R&D-intensive companies, including in the biotechnology and cleantech sectors. EntrePass' development goal is to foster innovation and vitality in Singapore's business landscape.

There are certain types of businesses that are more likely to get an EntrePass. These are mainly companies that develop or apply creative technologies, or that contribute to innovative creations.


Before an EntrePass is granted, applications must be reviewed byMinistry of Human Resources(MOM), as well as government agencies affiliated or related to the government, such asInfocomm Media Development Agency(IMDA), elSingapore Standards, Productivity and Innovation Council,jSGI innovation.

All applicants must demonstrate at least one of the following:



Be funded by a recognized business angel or outside venture capitalist

Tight cash financing of at least $100,000.
Applicants must provide a shareholder certificate or a document confirming the investment commitment of a private investor or venture capitalist.
Some examples are SGInnovate, Jungle Ventures.

Nationally Recognized, Patented, or Licensed Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual property provides a competitive advantage to a proposed company and cannot be easily duplicated.
At least one of the company's shareholders must own the intellectual property.
Intellectual property can be considered expired as long as one of the shareholders is the inventor.

You have a research collaboration with a recognized research institution such as A*STAR or an institution for higher education.

Research collaboration must be related to the proposed activity.
The research organization must provide a contact person to verify the details of the research collaboration.
Participation in ongoing research collaboration is required.
The service contract is NOT regarded as a research collaboration

Be an incubator in a government-approved incubator or accelerator

Incubators of accelerators onder het SG Startup Accelerator SPRING Singapore-programma.
Be an accredited mentor partner under Startup SG Founder.
Incubation or acceleration programs related to SgInnovate.

Have significant business experience or network; and a promising entrepreneurial record

You must meet ONE of the following conditions:
He founded a technology company and sold it.
Has raised significant funds from investors for current or past venture.
They have been previously or are currently incubated by an internationally recognized incubator or accelerator.
Have strong business contacts and industry networks associated with your business proposal.
Have a significant track record of performance related to the proposed business.
You must meet ONE of the following: Start and sell a technology company.
Has raised significant funds from investors for current or past venture.
They have been previously or are currently incubated by an internationally recognized incubator or accelerator.
Have strong business contacts and industry networks associated with your business proposal.
Have a significant track record of performance related to the proposed business.

You have extensive technical or domain knowledge in the field of your proposal

You must meet ALL of the following conditions:
Your specialization should relate to the activity you are proposing.
Have achieved exceptional achievement or received international recognition in their field of technical or domain expertise.

Have a significant business investment track record; and a desire to develop new or existing businesses in Singapore

You must meet ALL of the following conditions:
Be prepared to invest a significant amount of money in a local business.
You have experience investing in and driving the growth of a scalable business OR significant experience as a senior management specialist or executive in a large company.

EntrePass applicants must also meet the following criteria:

  • registerlimited company: The company must not have been registered for more than six months at the time of application. Applicants can register a company once their EntrePass application is approved.
  • Have relevant experience and success in setting up and running a business.
  • Submit a business plan (10 pages) outlining your business goals. To renew EntrePass, holders must meet the goals and objectives documented in the business plan.

Business plan and renewal criteria

The 10-page business plan is one of the most important elements of the EntrePass application. The business plan should highlight the applicant's business experience, the viability of their business idea and the detailed implementation framework.

Ministry of Manpower of Singapore(MSM) has a progressive renewal criterion. This ensures that EntrePass holders' contributions are consistent with their working time in Singapore. To renew EntrePass, holders must meet the goals and objectives outlined in their business plan. That is why it is important for incumbents to have an expertly written business plan.

When writing a business plan, applicants must provide mandatory information describing their profile, business idea and implementation plan.

Candidates must provide the following evidence for their profile:

  • Professional experience, including work history, role in a growing company and history developing start-ups
  • Awards or Recognition – These can be prestigious awards from a national body, recognized organization or credible media
  • Specialized skills or resources: such as intellectual property, networking, finance, and technology.
  • Academic qualifications
  • Professional role in companies or organizations

When referring to their business idea, applicants must provide information describing:

  • The product or service offered
  • market analysis
  • Supporting Documents - May include license agreements, approvals, and product certifications

Finally, for the implementation plan, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • market plan
  • operation plan
  • Financial projections
  • Profile of your management team

EntrePass Renewal Criteria

Number of years with EntrePass

Total operating costs** must be minimal

You must min


not applicable

not applicable


100 000 $

3 EPC* of 1 PMO***


200 000 $

6 EPC* of 2 PME***


300 000 $

9 EPC* of 3 PME***

8 or more

400 000 $

12 EPC lub 4 PME

  • * – Own at least 30% of the shares of the company for 2 years

  • **Total Business Spend (TBS): Refers to the total spend of local businesses, excluding fees for EntrePass holders

  • ***Full Time Employed (FTE) - Applies to Singaporeans and permanent residents earning $1,100 or more per month

  • ****PME: refers to professionals, managers and executives who are citizens or permanent residents of Singapore; and earn a monthly salary of at least $3,600

  • Note: 1 local PMO = 3 FTE locations

moving privileges

EntrePass holders can request thisofficial passI thelong-term residence card(LTVP) for your loved ones. To do this, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Holders must have EntrePass for one year. When renewing an EntrePass, the holder's family must undergo a Dependent Pass or LTVP assessment before applying.

  • EntrePass holders are only allowed to bring their family if they cover all business expenses and meet local employment conditions.

To bring your family, here are the requirements for total business expenses and local employment:

To take

Total annual operating expenses must be minimal

You must min

Spouse: unmarried or legally married.

100 000 $

3 FTE locations or 1 local PME


200 000 $

6 FTE locations or 2 PME locations

To bring family, applicants must apply for the following types of passes:


Type no

Husband - legally married.
Unmarried children under the age of 21, including legally adopted children

official pass

domestic couple.
Disabled unmarried children over the age of 21.
Unmarried stepchildren over the age of 21.

long-term residence card

Working method and planning

Singapore MOM usually takes about eight weeks to process an EntrePass application. This is because the requirements for EntrePass are quite strict as compared toGoing to work. This period may be extended if MOM requests additional clarification.

Documents required for the application

All EntrePass applicants must provide the following documents:

  • Singapore EntrePass 8 Application Form
  • Copies of education certificates.
  • A passport photo not older than three months
  • Agreements or agreements with potential customers of the new company, if any
  • Press releases, brochures, or other separate business warranties related to any existing or prior business venture
  • An expertly written 10-page business plan outlining your business goals

Collect your Singapore EntrePass card

Once the EntrePass application is approved, MOM issues the documentApproval letter actually(also called IPA). After you receive your IPA, you have six months to move to Singapore and collect your EntrePass. Natural persons must also register their business activity inSingapore Corporate Accounting and Regulation Authority(known as ACRA) - issued by the IPA in certain time frames.

When collecting an EntrePass, all persons must show:

  • Copy list IPA
  • Passport size
  • Your original passport with landing card.
  • If stated generally in the letter of approval, a certificate of medical examination may also be required
  • Any additional documents required by the IPA

Applicants who are required to submit a medical examination report can do so in their home country or in Singapore. The advantage of this in Singapore is that most clinics provide examinations and medical reports within one day.

Singapore entry visa

For anyone abroad who needs a Singapore entry visa, your IPA letter will include a one-way entry visa.

Upon arrival in Singapore, Horizons can arrange an appointment with Singapore MOM on your behalf. This is usually required for fingerprint printing. Once these formalities have been completed, your EntrePass will be available within four working days.

Passes can be picked up in person at MOM. You can also authorize a member of the Horizons team to collect the pass on your behalf.

What happens if the EntrePass application is rejected?

If your EntrePass application is rejected, Horizons may conduct further investigation on your behalf. Based on the reasons provided by MOM Singapore, we may object. This includes the issues described and individual documents that may be required.

MOM needs at least three weeks to process objections.

Eligibility for Permanent Residence in Singapore

EntrePass holders are eligible to apply for permanent residency. It should be noted that there is a designated waiting period of six months. One of the assessment criteria is the value of six months' pay slips. Ideally, you also make an IRA assessment.

How Horizons can help

As a leader in employment solutions in Singapore and in more than 150 countries around the world,horizonsprovides services to accelerate the EntrePass application. Our attorneys work closely with government departments to ensure that your business plan and EntrePass application meet necessary guidelines from the Human Resources Department. We provide expert advice at every stage of the application process, including writing a business plan and the renewal process.

In addition to this service, ourGlobal PEOenables you to quickly and legally launch your business in Singapore, without the burden of setting up expensive entities or foreign subsidiaries. Through our global PEO, we oversee your company's recruiting, onboarding, global payroll, and legal and tax compliance.

Would you like to know more about our work solutions,please contact a member of our teamHallo.

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Wat is EntrePass in Singapore?


Working method and planning

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What are the benefits of Entre Pass in Singapore? ›

The EntrePass allows you to bring your family (spouse and unmarried children under 21) to Singapore by applying for their Dependant's Passes. Dependant's Passes issued to family members of EntrePass holders are valid throughout the validity period of the EntrePass and can be renewed along with the EntrePass.

How to be an entrepreneur in Singapore? ›

Here are five start-up steps that a Singaporean entrepreneur needs to succeed.
  1. Identify Your Business and Niche. From the onset, you need to identify the products and services that you need to offer. ...
  2. Scope the Competition. ...
  3. Find The Right Talent. ...
  4. Attract Funding. ...
  5. Set A Start Date.

What is Singapore business pass? ›

The EntrePass is a work visa for foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Singapore. It is valid for 1 year, with renewals allowing the holder to stay for 2 years.

What is Singapore entry pass? ›

A Singapore entry visa is not an immigration pass. It is a pre-entry permission for the holder of a valid visa to travel to, and seek entry, into Singapore. The grant of an immigration pass will be determined by the ICA officers at the point of entry. The period of stay granted is not tied to the validity of your visa.


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