How to reserve a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 | Get involved (2023)

Another Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is in the pipeline and the next batch of Galaxy products has arrived. Samsung, in particular, took advantage of the event to announce its latest pair of foldable phones: the Book Style.Galaxy Z programmable 5and shellGalaxy Z Flip 5, which start at $1,800 and $1,000 respectively. They are joined by three new tabletsGalaxy Tab S9, Tab S9+ en Tab S9 Ultra, as well as several new smartwatches inGalaxy Watch 6 en Watch 6 Classic. We'll be posting full reviews in the near future, but if you're already looking to buy one of these new Galaxy devices, we've broken down what's new and gathered all the relevant pre-order links in one place.

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Samsung Galaxy Z with braiding capability 5

How to reserve a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 | Get involved (5)

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Samsung Galaxy Z with braiding capability 5

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 starts at $1,800 for the 12GB RAM and 256GB storage model. It will be available everywhere on August 11, but Samsung says those who pre-order early can get a free upgrade to the 512GB variant. If you pre-order through Amazon, you'll also receive a $200 gift card.

OpSamsung Galaxy Z with braiding capability 5is available for pre-order now, with wider availability starting August 11. Like its predecessor, the device starts at $1,800 for the model with 256 GB of storage. However, if you pre-order the device before August 10, Samsung says you can upgrade to the larger 512GB model at no extra cost. ONat Amazon, you can get the same upgrade plus a $200 Amazon gift card. The 1TB variant is available on and all three SKUs come with 12GB of RAM.

You can readour practical overviewfor a full recap, but the major update to the Galaxy Z Fold 5 focuses on a "flex hinge" that largely eliminates the gaps between the halves of the phone when it's folded. As a result, the device is a bit slimmer in this mode, but stilla little thickerCoGoogle pixel fold. Everything now runs on the Galaxy's faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, and the main display has a higher peak brightness of 1,750 nits, up from 1,200 nits. (But it still has a noticeable crease.) There are some new gestures to improve the software's multitasking, as well as a thinner S Pen.

That said, the general outline of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is similar.for. The camera hardware, screens and battery are not much different and the price is still high. But if you're looking to upgrade from the older Galaxy Z Fold, or just want to jump on the folding bandwagon, this looks like a close follow-up to the premium device we're recommending atour guide to buying a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

How to reserve a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 | Get involved (6)

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

The price of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 starts at $1,000 for 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. The new Flip will be available everywhere from August 11, but if you pre-order early you can upgrade to the 512GB model at no extra cost. You can also get a $150 gift card from Amazon.

newGalaxy Z Flip 5is also available for pre-order today, with an official sales date of August 11. It starts at $1,000, just like last year's Z Flip 4, but the base model now has 256GB of storage instead of 128GB. As with the Z Fold 5, you can upgrade to 512GB at no extra cost if you pre-order before August 10. Both variants have 8 GB of RAM. If you pre-ordervia Amazon, you can get the same storage upgrade along with a $150 retail gift card.

The major update is a much larger cover screen. Where the Z Flip 4 had a 1.9-inch outer panel, you now have a 3.4-inch screen. What does the device do?more onlinezMoto Razr+since the beginning of this year. Samsung touts improved widget support with this expanded screen area, though only a few full-fledged apps are designed to run on an external screen for now. After all, it should be easier to view photos, control music, answer text messages, check the weather, check notifications, etc., without having to physically disassemble the device.

Like the larger Samsung foldable, there's a redesigned hinge that flattens the space between the two halves of the phone and makes the device a bit thinner when folded. Samsung has also updated this device to the Galaxy's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and says some new processing tricks will help with low-light photos in particular. The rest of the hardware isn't much different than that, but you canview our practiceFor more information.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

How to reserve a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 | Get involved (9)

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, Tab S9+ en Tab S9 Ultra

The 11-inch Galaxy Tab S9 starts at $800, the 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S9+ starts at $1,000, and the 14.6-inch Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra starts at $1,200. Each tablet is available for pre-order today, with wider availability starting August 11. Samsung says it will give those who pre-order a free upgrade to the next higher capacity.

In addition to foldable smartphones, Samsung has updated its Galaxy Tab lineup withthree new tablets: 11-inch Galaxy Tab S9, 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S9+ and 14.6-inch Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. Pricing starts at $800, $1,000, and $1,200, respectively, with pre-orders available today and general availability starting August 11. The base S9 comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, while the two larger models come with 12GB of RAM and 256GB. standard memory. More expensive variants with 5G support are also available.

Like the foldable, those who pre-order the base Tab S9+ and Tab S9 Ultra can upgrade to the 512GB storage variant at no extra cost. Meanwhile, the standard Tab S9 is eligible for a free upgrade to the 256GB model. According to Samsung's store listing, anyone who pre-orders a Galaxy Tab S9 can get $115 off several of the company's devices.Galaxy 2 Pro Headphonesalso wireless headphones.

While not radically different from last year's Galaxy Tab S8 series, the new tablets bring some notable changes. The basic Tab S9 now comes with a richer AMOLED display instead of a TFT LCD display, and all three tablets are now IP68 water resistant, so you can use them in the pool or shower without worry. Each device is also now powered by the faster Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset for Galaxy.

Overall, they're still high-end Android tablets, with slim aluminum bezels, vibrant screens, and powerful speakers. The question, as always, is whether you're willing to pay that much for an Android tablet, even with Samsung's usual performance and multitasking tweaks. If yes, the Tab S8 is your best Android choiceour tablet buying guide, and the Tab S9 seems to offer similar pros and cons. Ushandymore detail.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

How to reserve a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 | Get involved (10)

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 en Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Pricing for the new Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic starts at $300 and $400, respectively. Samsung says those who pre-order will get an extra cloth strap at no extra cost. If you pre-order the Watch 6 through Amazon, you also get this band along with a $50 gift card.

Samsung also introducedtwo new smartwatchesin unpackaged: Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Like everything else revealed today, both wearables are available for pre-order now and more will be available from August 11.

The Galaxy Watch 6 starts at $300 for the 40mm case, a $20 increase over the Galaxy Watch 5. The larger 44mm model starts at $330. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is very similar to the standard model, but brings back the physical rotating bezelolder galaxy watches, a mechanism that many users prefer to navigate the operating system. This one comes in 43mm and 47mm sizes that start at $400 and $430 respectively. Samsung says anyone who pre-orders one of the new models will get an extra fabric watch strap at no extra cost. You can do that on Amazonbuy a watch 6with this band and a $50 gift card. Bluetooth and LTE variants will be available, and the company is sticking with that from last year.galaxywatch 5 profor those who want a more resistant option.

The Galaxy Watch 6 has a little more screen real estate compared to its predecessor, largely thanks to bezels that Samsung says are 30 percent thinner. The smallest model of each device has a 1.31-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 432 x 432, while the larger variants have a 1.47-inch with a resolution of 480 x 480. Both use sapphire glass and reportedly fetch a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits On the Galaxy Watch 6, the screen is flush with the performances.

Samsung slightly increased the battery size in each watch: 300 mAh for the smallest models, 425 mAh for the largest. However, the company estimates a total battery life of 40 hours in Always-on Display mode, which is 10 hours less than the Galaxy Watch 5's maximum estimate.

Apart from that, both devices have faster Exynos W930 processors, 2 GB of RAM (0.5 GB more than before), 16 GB of storage and IP68 water resistance. They also work on the Samsung One UI 5 Watch software, which e.gstored above, focuses more on sleep tracking and features like custom heart rate zones and notificationsirregular heart rhythms. We currently recommend the Galaxy Watch 5 for Android usersour smartwatch buying guide, but we'll be giving the new models full training soon to see how they hold up. Currentread our practicemeanwhile more details.


Can you answer the Z flip without opening it? ›

If you need to open an app or reply to a message, you can immediately view it by unfolding the phone. You can also answer or make calls without opening the phone. If you're looking for the latest Galaxy Z Flip phones, you can find them on our website.

How many times can you flip the Galaxy Z flip? ›

Samsung claims the Galaxy Z Flip 4 can survive “200,000 folds before failing,” which translates to 100 sessions of folding each day for approximately five years.

How can a customer interact with the Samsung Galaxy Z flip3 5G when it is folded? ›

The front screen on the Galaxy Z Flip series is called the Cover screen, and it lets you view notifications, battery life, and other information like the time – all while the phone is closed. You can even send messages, answer phone calls, and take selfies from the Cover screen.

How do you answer a Samsung Z fold phone? ›

Answer a call on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Android 11.0
  1. Silence the incoming call alert. Press the upper or lower part of the Volume key when you get a call. The incoming call alert is silenced and the call continues until it's ended or diverted. ...
  2. Answer a call. Press and drag the accept call icon right. ...
  3. End call.

How many years does Samsung flip phone last? ›

Lasting 200,000 folds in testing means the hinge can withstand 100 folds a day for 5 years. The lifespan has been measured according to Samsung's quality standards.

Can you leave the Z flip open? ›

Sure, you could leave the screen open all the time, but where's the fun in that? A lot of the Z Flip 4's magic comes from opening and closing it each time. Closing it doesn't mean you miss out on functionality, either.

How many times can you fold a Samsung Z fold? ›

While Samsung advertises its Z Fold 4 as “unbelievable tech built to last,” it describes its Z Flip 4 as having “serious durability [that] lets you flex and flip to your heart's content” and lasts you 200,000 folds.

What are the problems with the Samsung Z fold? ›

Broken displays, hinge issues, and more

But it's not just the Galaxy Z Fold series tablet-hybrid phones that are troubling buyers. There are scores of Galaxy Z Flip customers who have complained about display and hinge issues on the official Samsung Community Forum and Reddit.

Does the Galaxy Z Flip screen break easily? ›

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bend Test

The display scratches at level 2 with deeper cuts at level 3. In fact, even fingernails can damage the screen. This is because Samsung flaunts a fragile ultra-thin glass at the inner (folding) panel.

What is the difference between Z flip and Z fold? ›

Samsung on Wednesday launched two new folding smartphones, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Fold 5. The Galaxy Z Flip 5 comes with a larger cover display and a much tighter hinge than its predecessor. The Galaxy Fold 5 has a bright 7.6-inch display, reduced device thickness and an under-display front camera.

Can a flip phone get hacked? ›

For example, flip phones have GPS chips and your location can be tracked on a flip just as well as you can be tracked on a smartphone. And SMS, email and pictures can be easily intercepted by government organizations as well as by hackers. There is even pretty good spyware that can be installed on some flip phones.

Why does my flip phone go straight to voicemail when someone calls? ›

#1) Check Call Settings

If one of the call rejections, call blocking, call barring or forwarding to voicemail options is turned on, that could be why your phone goes straight to voicemail.

Can one text on a flip phone? ›

The best flip phones offer high-quality voice calls and text messaging, as well as practical extras like a calculator and alarm clock.

Can I answer the phone when the Z flip3 is folded? ›

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 cover screen lets you answer or make calls. The system will automatically enable speakerphones if you are not using any earphones during a call.

Can you take a picture with the Z flip closed? ›

You can grab photos when the phone is folded using the Quick shot feature, unfolded using the regular camera, or propped open using Flex mode. Your Galaxy Z Flip is ideal for hands-free capture as well, letting you take photos and videos with your voice or by showing your palm to the screen.

How do I open my Samsung flip 4 to answer calls? ›

Flip the phone to answer calls

This can be enabled on the foldable by opening the Phone app and tapping the three-dot icon in the right corner. Next up, select Settings > Answering and ending calls > Open phone to answer. Turn on the toggle and you are done.


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