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Justina Murphy's ego

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Justin Murphy knew from the start of his studies that he wanted to be a lawyer. She is passionate about effecting change and advancing the interests of the justice system as a whole. He thrives on the energy of the courtroom and enjoys the challenges it can present. Always hardworking, Justin tries to answer his clients questions in a timely manner and do his best to provide them with the best possible results.

During the first two years of his practice, Justin worked as an associate at a family law firm in New Westminster. In this capacity, he has had the opportunity to represent clients throughout British Columbia, many of whom were located in northern BC and would otherwise not have had access to an attorney.

As a family law attorney, Justin has experience assisting with a variety of family law issues, including parenting arrangements, child support, spousal support, garnishment, child placement, and divorce. He regularly represents clients in the Provincial Court and Supreme Court in BC.

Justin works closely with his clients to better understand their needs, guide them through every step of the litigation process and provide an honest assessment of their situation.

He tries to ask the right questions, but also reassures his clients. Justin has represented clients in a number of conflicting parenting cases, including alienation, relocation and domestic violence cases.

Justin knows that dealing with family matters is often the most difficult and stressful time in a person's life. He is empathetic to all of his customers and makes sure they are listened to throughout the process.

Justin believes many family law issues are best resolved out of court. He has devoted much of his practice to facilitating negotiations, mediation and other dispute resolution mechanisms between parties.

He does admit that not all problems can be solved and that sometimes a court is necessary. When that happens, Justin will do everything he can to make sure he gets what's right for him.


  • In one of Justin's first multi-day court cases in British Columbia Provincial Court, he successfully argued that the mother of a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) takes full responsibility for decisions regarding the child's health (ECS v. TO, not reported)
  • In one of Justin's first BC Supreme Court cases, he successfully argued, among other things, that the existence of a marital relationship cannot be decided on affidavits alone (2022 BCSC 56).


  • Juris Doctor (JD) - Queen's University '19.
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Minor Political Science and Extended Minor French - Simon Fraser University '15.
  • Inducted into the Golden Key International Honors Association during his undergraduate studies for academic excellence.


French; AND
some Italian


  • He has represented clients in several family law cases before BC Supreme Courts and Provincial Courts.
  • Former Student Social Worker with UBC Law Student Legal Advice Program (LSLAP) and Queen's Legal Aid, representing low income clients on crime, traffic, small claims, employment and more.
  • Highest possible grade obtained in international refugee law in law school (winter semester 2018)
  • Internship at the Federal Department of Justice for Immigration, Refugees and Canadian Citizenship (Winter Semester 2019)
  • Former President of the College Club, volunteer organizer and election assistant to BC Member of Parliament
  • Former Teaching and Writing Teacher and Coach, SFU Student Learning Commons.



Ari Wormeli was successful in the BC Khan v. Gilbert Court of Appeals case - He successfully appealed this case in which a lower court decision awarded his client only a 15% share of the family property in a 4-year relationship .

BIG PROFITS, BUT WHO'S COUNTING? Case: JV v. WB (oral plaintiffs) - 2013

Case: JV v. WB (Oral Plaintiffs) BC Exclusive Use of Family Home, Division of Family Property, BC Spousal Support, BC Occupational Income, Compensation and Special Expenses. In this case, I represented my wife in a very unusual family case to the point where the judge found it difficult to believe the facts I presented in court. Woman…


Case: AL w. KH 2013 BCSC 1943 (Written Statement) Guardianship, Parenting Behavior, Parenting Responsibilities and Stability In this case, I represented a mother who had a beautiful 3-year-old boy. The child lived mainly with her and there was a court order stating that the father would determine the possibility of contact with the child. But for months her ex-husband...

BIG PROFITS, BUT WHO'S COUNTING? Moradkhan contra Mofidi [2011] p.n.e. No. 1624

Moradkhan v. Mofidi [2011] BCJ No. 1624 (Written Statement) Division of Property, Importance of Proper Valuation, Alimony In this case a final judgment awarding the wife 55% of the family property and the husband 45%. The problem, however, was that the parties' assets were not properly valued. We claim that…

BIG PROFITS, BUT WHO'S COUNTING? Moradkhan v. Mofidi (written reasoning) - 2011

Moradkhan v. Mofidi (Written rationale) Legal action The BC Court of Appeals rejected the earlier ruling and returned it to the examining magistrate, finding that we had provided the correct values ​​too late and after the initial ruling. The reason was that our client did not have a lawyer at the time of the initial trial, and when we arrived...

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Justina Murphy's ego (2)


Justin is from Coquitlam, BC. She likes taking long walks, reading the news and learning languages. As a student, he was lucky enough to do a year-long exchange at a political science university in Paris, France. He and his exchange roommate are happily best friends to this day.

Justin is also a born explorer. He is grateful for the opportunities to travel, both across BC and beyond, and is constantly in awe of what this world has to offer.

Outside of work, Justin enjoys volunteering. As a law student, he volunteered for Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) at the Immigration and Correctional Law Project in Kingston, Ontario. In his article, he volunteered at Twice Upon a Time, a volunteer-led organization that aims to support children's early literacy and share books at home.

He also enjoys practicing French and Italian and spending time with his family. This includes her parents, sister, her two guinea pigs (Phineas and Ferb) and a furry bunny (Ebby).

Meet Justin

Favorite hobbies:either practicing languages ​​or playing with my favorite rabbit.
Favorite book:Harry Potter-serie.
Favorite people:my mother and my sister.
Pet's Biggest Anger:inefficiency.
Greater role models:my mother and my sister.
I can not live without:my wireless headphones
Favorite destination and why:Victoria, BC. I used to go there every summer as a child. Of all the international sights I've visited, I still think it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.
What makes you happy:Long walks, vacations and spending time with family and friends.
How many languages ​​are used:3. English, French and a little Italian.

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Great lawyers and the best family law attorneys in Vancouver. Leena did a great job of efficiently helping me navigate my legal issues.


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