Love, Marriages and Babies: A Look at the MAFS Couples Still Together (2023)

the bridal couplemarried at first sightshe turned to the experts for help finding love.

While it doesn't work for everyone, there are some couples who found happy endings on the social experiments show.

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Some of the couples who met in the hallway as strangers ended up getting married. there are even someMAFSbabies now.

Here's a look back at the show's biggest success stories, with the couples still as popular as ever.

Kerry Knight y Johnny Stutterer: Temporada 8

One epic love story that came out of season 8 was Kerry Knight and Babble Johnny.

Although Kerry and Johnny only bond halfway through the experiment, they grow stronger.

The couple made it official and started getting married in 2023!

"Best day of my life. I married the love of my life. Honey and the Bee: you and me," the newlyweds wrote in a joint Instagram post with some photos from the wedding.

Kerry and Johnny celebrated their wedding at Ciao Papi in Brisbane surrounded by family, friends and colleaguesMAFSNarrow.

SEE MORE INFORMATION: Inside Kerry and Johnny's stunning wedding in Brisbane

The couple announced their engagement on July 10, 2022 after Johnny popped the question during a romantic cruise in Sydney Harbour.

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They shared the exciting news in a joint post on their Instagram accounts with the simple caption "Forever."

Love, Marriages and Babies: A Look at the MAFS Couples Still Together (1)

Before their engagement, the couple took a big step in their relationship by moving in together. They are also the proud parents of a dog named Enzo.

Both Kerry and Johnny agreed to take it easy after leaving the experiment to let their relationship flourish in the real world, and it seems to have worked wonders for them.

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We are so happy that everything turned out well for these two and we can't wait to see what the future holds for them!

in pictures

Dentro de Kerry Knight and Balbuziente's Magical Honeymoon by MAFS

The couple left for a second destination.

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Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson: Season 8

Love, Marriages and Babies: A Look at the MAFS Couples Still Together (3)

Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven are one of the most controversial couples in the worldMAFSand they were involved in a lot of drama in Season 8.

But after both confirmed that they wanted to be together in their final vows, the couple only grew stronger.

Bryce moved to Melbourne to be with Melissa and the couple are now the proud parents of beautiful twin boys Levi and Tate.who were born 10 weeks agoon October 16, 2021.

SEE MORE INFORMATION: Bryce and Melissa reveal the names and share the first photos of their twins

Love, Marriages and Babies: A Look at the MAFS Couples Still Together (4)

Despite a rocky start and weeks in the neonatal intensive care unitThe boys got home just in time for Christmas., a special moment that the couple will never forget.

Exciting milestones will continue to come for Melissa and Bryce, who are also engaged. The couple shared the news of their marriage proposal and pregnancy at the same time in 2021.

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Love, Marriages and Babies: A Look at the MAFS Couples Still Together (5)

Bryce proposed to Melissa with a pear-shaped black diamond ring during a helicopter flight over Melbourne.

SEE MORE INFORMATION: Bryce and Melissa share details about their proposal

(Video) Our Favorite MAFS Couples Who Are Still Together! (Compilation) - Married at First Sight | Lifetime

Wedding planning was put on hold until the babies arrived, but it's definitely happening now!

Bryce and Melissa are officially tying the knot in early 2023 and will keep their fans updated on all the nuptials.

the couple isis getting married in February and as the date approaches, Melissa even shared a sneak peek at some of the dresses.He tried it on for the big day.

in pictures

MAFS's Bryce and Melissa share a new 'family tradition'

Family of four celebrates the festive season.

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Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli: Season 6

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli found love in season 6 and became one of the most popular couples in the series' history.

They are also on the right track to make things official,after announcing their engagement in December 2021.

In September 2022, the couple shared the wonderful news that they were pregnant after interrupting their European tour due to Martha's condition.hyperemesis gravidarum

SEE MORE INFORMATION: Meet the newlyweds of MAFS 2023

Michael and Martha made the announcement together in a video on their Instagram pages, explaining their absence from social media and their trips to the hospital due to HG.

“But after five weeks I was diagnosedhyperemesis gravidarum, which is basically severe chronic nausea and vomiting with no relief. It's like 24/7. I literally couldn't get out of bed for two months, she was so sick. He couldn't eat or drink anything. There were days when she wouldn't even get me up to pee," Martha told her followers in the clip.

in pictures

The sweetest family moments of Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli

Martha shares the first family photo.

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In the months since she shared the happy news, she's had more control over her HG, and parents-to-be have shared plenty of sweet photos and tummy updates.

(Video) Married At First Sight: Couples Still Together as of 2022! Some Are Completely Shocking

Martha will be born in February 2023.

On December 5, 2021, the couple shared the exciting news of their engagement on Instagram with a photo of Martha snuggling up with Michael and showing off her new diamond.

The post was simply captioned, "Ms. b."

The Armans Fine Jewelery ring was designed by Michael and the jeweler and Martha is clearly delighted with the stone.

SEE MORE INFORMATION: Martha and Michael share more details about their latest marriage proposal and engagement ring

But in a recent interviewMartha revealed that she actually asked Michael not to propose to her.when she did because she found them "disgusting".

He also hinted that the price of his ring is around $100,000.

The proposal came after they celebrated their third anniversary.

In February 2020, the couple moved to Sydney from Melbourne.

They recently moved back to Melbourne and are currently living with Martha's family as they prepare for the arrival of their first child, but have indicated they will return to Sydney at the end of 2023.

Love, Marriages and Babies: A Look at the MAFS Couples Still Together (8)

Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant: Season 6

When it comes to true love, it's hard not to think of Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson.

The season 6 couple made history somewhat after their stint on the show, which began with Cam's proposal at Final Vows.

Love, Marriages and Babies: A Look at the MAFS Couples Still Together (9)

Cam and Jules were the firstmarried at first sightThe Australian couple will get married after taking part in the experiment.

(Video) Married At First Sight: Couples That Are Still Together In 2022

They got married on January 28, 2019 in Sydney with the ceremony and reception at Beta Bar and were captured bya recent case.

SEE MORE INFORMATION:Everything you need to know about MAFS 2023

Love, Marriages and Babies: A Look at the MAFS Couples Still Together (10)

Then came her beautiful boy Ollie, who was born on September 29, 2020. The family seems happier than ever as Jules continues her job as CEO of her own shapewear line, Figur.

in pictures

MAFS's Jules recreates an adorable photo with Ollie

"Where has 2022 gone?"

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Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr: Season 2

if you take a long timeMAFSFan, you might remember the happy couple Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr from Season 2 that aired in 2015.

All those years ago they left the experiment together and they are still going strong. Erin and Bryce celebrated their seventh anniversary last year, making them the longest-lived couple in the experiment.

The couple have stayed out of the limelight since their time on the show and are now keeping details of their relationship private.

These days, Erin mostly uses her Instagram account to share vegan recipes, something she's very passionate about, though she also pops up the occasional photo of Bryce.

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