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Apply for a Singapore Employment Pass in Singapore

Singapore Work Pass Application Services is one of many comprehensive 3E services that help our client to set up a business and move to Singapore. We can explain the Singapore Job Pass Program, Job Pass Status Tracking, Job Pass Application and Job Pass Renewal to employees. Singapore PE application services are the preferred option for most foreigners who want to set up a business in Singapore and work and live in Singapore for more than 6 months.


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Howpioneer member of HCPartners, in which 3E Accounting actively participatesHuman capital development in the workplace in Singapore.

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Singapore Employment Pass Application Package Cost

Packages available Tarifa (SGD)
Application for employee pass (including objection procedure) 1000 USD (W/GST 1080 USD)
Application for a survivor's card for spouse/children $ 500 (incl. $ 540 GST)
Application for a long-stay visa for a parent/stepchild $ 500 (incl. $ 540 GST)
Extension of employment*** 650 USD (z GST 702 USD)
Submit changes with MOM (per transaction) 100 USD (W/GST 108 USD)
EPOL Account Registration and/or Income Update for Clients of Director Candidates (mandatory update as required by the Human Resources Department prior to applying for a pass) 300 USD (324 USD BTW)

*The above fee does not include out-of-pocket expenses or refund costs such as translation fees, release processing fees, other fees payable to MOM, etc.
** An additional fee of USD 200 (W/GST USD 216) will be charged if you require our assistance to collect the pass on your behalf from the 3E office. (Please note that the pass must be sent by courier to an address in Singapore.)
*** This rate applies to our existing customers or customers who purchase the EP Renewal Service as a bundle with our other services

Our services are covered by the 3E Singapore Employment Agency

  • Assistance in completing the Singapore Employment Self-Assessment Tool with MOM
  • Information and advice for applying for the Werkpas
  • Presentation of the Work Pass app
  • Track the status of your Work Pass application as it is processed
  • Please contact your MOM line manager when required by the 3E Singapore Employment Agency
  • If necessary, respond to MOM's request for additional information
  • In principle, make sure you have a work pass approved
  • Submit a maximum of 2 notices of appeal within 3 months after the date of rejection by the MOM trade union if the Werkpas application is rejected

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Company registration in Singapore and relocation to Singapore

If you want to start a business and move to Singapore to manage your company's operations, you need to complete two main tasks:

  1. Set up a company in Singapore.
  2. Apply for a work pass visa through an employment agency in Singapore.

There are two options for the Singapore Worker's Pass.
For more information on which Work Pass option is best for you, see ComparisonEntrePass and Subscription Employment

If you are a foreign entrepreneur, professional, director or shareholder with an acceptable degree, professional qualification or specialized skills, you should consider applying for an EP. Relevant work experience often also plays an important role in determining suitability.

Any employment pass applied for by an employment agency in Singapore can be valid for 1 or 2 years and can be renewed as long as the pass holder remains employed by the company. The validity period for applicants for a first pass is a maximum of two years.

For companies, you will need work passes for your employees, such as CEOs and administrative staff, if you plan to transfer them to Singapore. A work pass allows the pass holder to travel to and from Singapore with minimal hassle during immigration. In addition, Employment Pass holders who have been working for more than 2 years can also apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore. On the other hand, if you or your foreign employees are staying in Singapore for a short period of time (between 2 weeks and 6 months), it is more convenient to apply for a Short Term Pass.

If you are a foreigner, you can still realize your dream of becoming your own boss. At 3E Accounting Pte Ltd we provide all the support and assistance you needregister your company in singapore, explaining the Singapore Job Pass program, tracking your Job Pass status and submitting your Singapore PE application. You can start a business or run a business without having to move to Singapore or a physical location here!

Requirements for setting up companies in Singapore

  • Minimum: one shareholder plus one resident director plus one company secretary
  • Minimum paid-up capital of S$1
  • Local registered office address

Eligibility and Employee Pass Requirements

The Department of Labor determines your eligibility based on the Employee Allowance Scheme factors below. You must have SGD 5,000 to apply for the Work Pass (Financial Services EP Qualifying Salary will be increased to SGD 5,500 from 1 September 2022) The minimum qualification wage will gradually increase with age and relevant work experience and the candidate must have one or more of the following :

  • An acceptable educational qualification, such as a diploma or degree
  • Professional qualifications
  • specialist skills
  • related work experience

Note: Changes to the eligibility criteria for the EP will take effect on September 1, 2023. In addition to meeting salary requirements, EP applicants must also pass a credit test.Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS).

Only for family members

Fixed monthly salary family passes
At least with a monthly salary of $6,000 official pass
– Spouse (legally married)
– Unmarried children under the age of 21, including legally adopted children
long-term residence card
- Domestic partner
– unmarried disabled children over the age of 21
– Unmarried stepchildren under the age of 21
At least with a monthly salary of $12,000

long-term residence card

- Parents

Below are the procedures for applying for an employee pass:-

1) To provide 3E accounting, the following required documents must be submitted to the Singapore Ministry of Human Resources (MOM)

  • a legible copy of your passport and Singapore card/student card/any other copy of your card (if applicable)
  • 2 university graduation certificates
  • work certificate (if applicable) and curriculum vitae/CV
  • fill in the application form with the applicant's details

* For married applicants, please provide items 1, 2 and 3 for your spouse.
2) The processing time is usually 3 weeks.
3) If your application is not approved during the initial assessment, MOM will ask for additional information (e.g. business plan, references, letter of employment/contract, etc.) Fees. The objection procedure usually takes 1 to 4 months.

4) Once approved, you have 6 months to travel to Singapore and spend a Work Pass in full before your primary approval expires.

Basically, the application can be completed in 3 weeks to 3 months.
You do not need to be in Singapore to apply for a Work Pass and track your Work Pass status.

Note: Singapore Employment Pass cannot be applied for until your company is registered.

Dependent pass request

Please deliver:
1) Spouse: marriage certificate and passport, education certificates and details of last salary received (payroll)
2) Child: birth certificate, passport, verification of vaccination requirements (VR) for foreign born children up to age 12 and applying for a new DP. (to enter Singapore)
. More information on the HPB website at

If your child is planning to study in Singapore, you can apply directly to the school and the school will apply for a student pass for your child and no dependent pass is required.

All documents not in English require an official transaction in English.

Requirements for posting a job

As required by local governments, companies applying for a new Employee Pass (EP) must post advertisements on the siteMyCareersFuture.esduring 14 calendar days calendar days prior to the submission of the EP application. This is to ensure that the local workforce interested in a job has access to job information before the company makes a hiring decision.

Ads must comply with the Tripartite Fair Employment Practices Guidelines and be visible for a minimum of 14 consecutive days.

You are exempt from the above advertising requirement for the Singapore PE application if:

a) Your company has fewer than 10 employees;
b) The position provides a fixed monthly salary of $20,000 or more (the salary limit for this waiver will be increased to $22,500 effective September 1, 2023);
c) The role must be filled by a local transferee (i.e. an existing employee of your company in Singapore who transfers to another affiliate, subsidiary or subsidiary in Singapore).
(d) the position is to be filled by an intra-corporate transferee (ICT) as defined in the World Trade Organization General Agreement on Trade in Services; OR
e) Work is necessary in case of short term unforeseen events (i.e. employment period in Singapore not exceeding one month).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay national insurance contributions or government contributions?

Employment Pass holders are not required to pay national insurance premiums to the Central Provident Fund ("CPF", which only applies to permanent residents and Singaporeans). However, the employer (company) is obliged to pay a fee to the Skills Development Fund (SDF). Employers pay the SDF or Skills Development Levy (SDL) for all employees up to the first $4,500 gross monthly salary at a rate of 0.25% or $2, whichever is greater.

As an employee subscription holder, can I be a director and sole shareholder of the company?

Yes, as an Employee Subscription Plan holder, you can be the trustee and sole shareholder of the company.

Does our company require a nominated director if we apply for an employee pass?

Yes, your company must have at least one director who is a local resident. As a result, you temporarily need our service director candidate until your employee card has been approved. Once your employee pass is approved and we move to Singapore, we will replace our director nominated by you as the company's local director. We kindly remind you that it is our company policy that our nominee director is not involved in your business activities. therefore, if your company needs to apply for a license, our designated director will have to step down when ready to proceed with the license application. Most license applications must be signed and submitted by a local key employee/CEO, so you must have this person act on behalf of your company to apply for a license.

In some cases, such as for hospitality businesses, you must first apply for a business license to support your employee pass application. As such, our designated director will act solely to implement you to hire your own local director to assist you with your license and pass application.

Most businesses do not require licenses or permits to operate, some do because they are regulated by the authorities that approve them. Some of them are private schools, travel agencies, alcohol sellers, lenders, banks, kindergartens.
For more information, seeapplication for a business license.

How long is my work pass valid?

Your work pass is generally valid for 1-2 years. It is recommended that you submit your employee pass renewal within 6 months of the expiration date and the validity period runs from the expiration date, not the renewal approval date.

Do I have to undergo a medical examination when applying for a work permit in Singapore?

If a medical examination is required, this is usually stated in the giro collection form together with a list of specific examinations. It basically includes a physical examination and some blood tests to rule out serious diseases like HIV etc. The medical form in the letter of approval must initially be completed by a licensed physician. If it is not in English, a copy of the original documents and an official English translation made by a sworn translator, High Commission/Embassy or Notary Public must be provided. The medical certificate is valid to register the card within 3 months from the date of the medical examination.

We recommend that you undergo a medical examination in Singapore to ensure you meet the requirements and that the medical certificate is in English.

What are my chances of success when applying for an employment card?

The probability of applying for an employee pass depends on the company reference and the reference of the individual applicant. We can advise you to continue the conversation with you.

The original graduation certificates are in my home country. Will this affect my application for a work permit?

Currently, the Department of Labor (MOM) only requires copies of education certificates. Please note, however, that MOM reserves all rights to request a review of the original certificates before or after an employee pass has been approved. It is therefore recommended to send the original certificates by post.

Will my partner's and children's card be automatically approved if my work card is approved?

There is no automatic approval of a survivor's card for your close relatives. You must submit a separate application for your family together or after your work pass is approved.

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